Jenna Dewan Says This Simple Trick Helps Her Daughter Sleep 11 Hours A Night

Calling all mums who’ve had any issues getting their little one to fall asleep. (Read: every mum ever.) We’ve got some great news: There’s a simple, safe, and totally natural way to get your kids ready to catch some Zs.

We recently caught up with actress Jenna Dewan Tatum, who shared the most genius strategy she uses help her daughter sleep.

In short, she uses a diffuser—a machine that combines water and essential oils, and emits a fine mist—to give the air in both her room and daughter Everly’s room a light fragrance.

“I blend lavender, peppermint, and lemon together, which is really good—one because it’s calming—but it also purifies the air. I think she sleeps 11 hours, so I don’t know, maybe I have the secret,” she says.

What’s more, those essential oils have paved the way for a totally adorable nightly ritual for Jenna and Everly: “I’ll make a little smiley face on her belly with a lavender oil roller before bed.”

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And Jenna isn’t just pulling this tip out of thin air, there’s actually some research to back up the power of essential oils. Lavender, for instance, has been shown in studies to help deepen relaxation and peppermint oil is said to have calming properties. Now, who’s ready for 11 hours of blissful rest?

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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