Porsche Macan Car Review 2017

Who is it for: Suburban thrillseekers who live life in the fast lane.

Why we love it: The problem with sports cars is that they’re almost always painfully impractical. Think: seats that are so close to the ground they require Cirque du Soleil skills to climb in and out of. And the storage space of a coin purse.

The stunning Macan (from $76,610) is Porsche’s answer, taking the fast-beating heart of the world’s best sports cars and wrapping it in the practical body of a Goldilocks-sized SUV. The luscious leather and suede interior is something to behold, too.

This urban-focused SUV is perfect for navigating cramped inner-city streets, but its high-riding position, easy-access doors and flat-load boot that can store a weekend away’s worth of gear make it a standout proposition of sexy practicality.

Look out for: The fastest version – the Macan Turbo ($143,500). It’ll leave its lower priced competitors in a vaguely SUV-shaped cloud of dust. Well hey, it’s still a sports car at heart.

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