Tim And Anna Open Up About Their Plans For The Future

They met four years ago, have graced the covers of Women’s Health and Men’s Health respectively and, seeing Anna Heinrich, 30, and fiancé, Tim Robards, 34, together on set in Sydney, 
it’s not hard to see why.

Anna, a lawyer, brand ambassador and author of lovealwaysanna.com, has always been fit. But meeting chiropractor Tim, creator of the new 12 Minute Abs Challenge, amped up her passion for healthy living.

“It’s easy to stay motivated when your partner is as active as mine,” says Anna. “We’re a team, and Tim continually encourages me to come train with him. I always say, surround yourself with positive, uplifting and active people and it rubs 
off on you.”

And what has Tim learnt from Anna?

“Starting your day off with a smile before you even get out of bed is so important to set the tone of your day,” he says.

When asked if there’s an aspect of health they approach differently, Anna laughs, “I eat the whole block of chocolate while Tim has just one piece.”

But she’s also thoughtful about how she approaches food: “I usually eat from a small plate. It makes it less likely you’ll overeat, without compromising on taste, perceived fullness or enjoyment – easy and effective,” she says. “I’ve also adopted, where I can, intermittent fasting, which for me means I’ll sometimes combine my breakfast and lunch – so my first meal of the day will be around midday. Though I’ll more than likely have snuck in a coffee before that!”

When we ask them what they’d like to achieve in the next decade, Tim laughs, “Complete [Australian] Ninja Warrior!” (He recently lost his grip on the cargo net obstacle on the TV show after an injury.)

As for Anna? “I’ll continue to maintain my approach to health and exercise like I
 do now. I’m 30 and I feel fitter and healthier than when I was 20, so I’m hoping that will be the same when I hit 40!”

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