This Is What AFLW player Melissa Hickey Eats in a Day

Instagram: @melissahickey18 

Breakfast: Normally a smoothie blended with protein powder [she likes IsoWhey Sports], banana, some beetroot and plenty of fresh spinach. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and might add some nuts, cacao nibs and coconut when I feel like a different flavour combo. I like the idea that you should eat more from the fridge than from the pantry. If you stick to that philosophy, you’ll be eating things that are fresh.

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Mid-morning snack: I find my breakfast smoothie quite satisfying and filling, so I usually enjoy a coffee and a piece of fruit or a muesli bar as a light snack between meals.

Lunch: It varies but it’s normally a salad mixed with fresh seasonal vegetables and tuna or a chicken, or a salad sandwich on wholegrain or rye bread. Protein is a daily staple so I always make sure I have a good selection of lean meats and goat’s cheese.

Pre-training snack: I normally try and have a big snack about an hour before training – usually a slice of wholegrain toast with almond spread, sliced banana and rice syrup on top. 

Dinner: The club is great and supplies us with dinner after training – normally a light wrap or a mixed salad with protein like fish or chicken.

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