The New #ThatsNotLove Campaign Is A Must-See For All

It’s no secret that social media is more highlight reel than reality. Whether intentional or not, it’s usually only the glossy, filtered, FOMO-inducing aspects of our day-to-day lives that make it to our feeds.

Enter: One Love’s new Behind The Post campaign – a powerful video series that puts the spotlight on unhealthy relationships and how differently they can be portrayed online.                                        

In the chilling clips, a fictional couple play out the 10 warning signs of abuse – jealousy, isolating, manipulating, belittling, betrayal, intensity, sabotage, guilting, volatility and deflecting responsibility – as comments from seemingly in-the-dark Facebook friends flash across the screen.   

In one scene, the camera pans over a broken picture frame and shattered wine glass as the words “#relationshipgoals” and “Could you be any cuter?!” are contrastingly featured. 

The underlying message? What you see on social media isn’t always the whole story.

“If someone is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship but only has picture-perfect posts on social media to look back on, those memories – misleading as they may be – have the potential to keep young people in extremely unhealthy relationships,” Katie Hood, CEO of One Love, tells Health.

“We hope this campaign reminds people to ask questions and not just take everything at face value.”

You can view the campaign in full here.

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