Just a cough and a fever? Corona-infection can also take advantage of atypical curves

First, a Bonn-based Patient of the puzzles was reported in the complaints. Then more from the most affected district of Heinsberg. Shampoo smelled at once bland, food tasted after nothing more. A mother gave, to the full diaper of your baby no more smell. You all complained about a temporary taste and smell loss. What are you United? The patients had been confirmed with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

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Hendrik Streeck, a virologist at the Bonn University hospital, conducts research with his Team to Covid-19 and had dismissed the Symptom as a kind of brain gespinnst. “You can say: We have not taken seriously,” he says in the star-Interview. However, as more and more patients – independently of each other – of the same complaints reports, together for Streeck’s a picture: Apparently, you had to do it here with a previously undiscovered Symptom of Covid-19.

Researchers around the world, such as Streeck working hard to gain new knowledge about the symptoms and the course of Covid-19. The research due to the novelty of the pathogen, often still in its infancy and the first results are to be evaluated due to the dynamic breakout action with caution. But it is already clear: The disease caused by the novel Coronavirus is far more diverse than previously thought.

An infection with the Coronavirus, is not always according to scheme F: The bandwidth of the symptoms, but their Severity varies greatly

Shortly after the beginning of the outbreak in the Chinese Region of Hubei fever and dry cough were the leading Symptoms of the new disease. At airports travelers have been tested with Fever thermometers for signs of Sars-CoV-2 – a measure, their Use was controversial at the time.

Since then, it has spread the image of the disease by new research findings applied. Alone, the world health organization WHO lists nine symptoms that can be triggered by Sars-CoV-2. These include:

Not all, of the demonstrably Infected develop the same symptoms. Fever, does not mean it is about to a portal for lung doctors, “occurs necessarily”. Some people get only a slight cold symptoms with Chills and a sore throat. Sometimes headaches come with it.

Coronavirus enormous range of symptoms

Also, the Severity of the symptoms varies greatly: According to the WHO, around 80 percent of cases, a mild course. Of six Patients, a Person develops according to the WHO, severe discomfort. Older people are particularly at risk. Also chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes increase according to the WHO, the risk for complications.

Some of the Infected show no symptoms at all. Sometimes a diagnosis can even be an incidental finding, such as a case report in a Swiss journal: the Two doctors of the University hospital of Basel report of a 83-Year-old, who was overthrown and then, in the clinic came. On x-ray images for Covid-19 typical lung changes were. But the man had a fever, nor coughing. His diagnosis was a happy coincidence. He could immediately be isolated and treated.

In particular, older people can develop atypical progressions that announce themselves with fatigue and a feeling of weakness, so the doctors. An obvious explanation for fatigue in the elderly would be about a General old-age weakness. But even with atypical histories, it should always be at Covid-19 thought the disease could be similar to a “chameleon” appear in many variations.

Findings such as these clearly before our eyes the importance of quarantine measures in the fight against Covid-19. Anyone who pays attention only to symptoms such as cough and fever, and instead, a normal social life, can silently infect many people. Experts advise to do so, as it was infected – and that means: be aware of other people away, to protect you.

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