Is your lack of sleep hurting your dating life

It’s 10:30pm and you’re contemplating another episode of Orange Is the New Black. One more episode will likely turn into several more. It doesn’t matter that you have an early start the following day – you know you can operate on minimal sleep.

However now it seems, your poor sleeping habits will leave you well behind in the dating game. 

A new study from the Royal Society of Open Science has found that watching those extra episodes deep into the early morning are costing you a date come Saturday night.

Researchers examined the effects of sleep deprivation in the social setting and how it affected attractive qualities. And it turns out people are definitely judging those bags under your eyes (no matter how much concealer you might be applying). 

“This study indicates that restricted sleep affects facial appearance negatively and decreases other’s willingness to socialise with the sleep-restricted person,” write the study authors. 

The report analysed 25 participants, photographing them after a good night’s rest and after two days of poor sleep. A further 122 participants rated the likelihood of them wanting to interact with the sleep affected 25. They were rated on their health, attractiveness, sleepiness and trustworthiness.

Sadly, if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, people want to avoid you. However the good news is that if you’re attractive enough, people will see past your tired eyes.

“The results show that raters were less inclined to socialise with individuals who had gotten insufficient sleep. Furthermore, when sleep-restricted, participants were perceived as less attractive, less healthy and more sleepy,” they explain.

So yes, beauty sleep is a legit thing. Who’d have thought it – you can combine your two favourite past times – being beautiful and being asleep.

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