A Body-Language Expert Breaks Down Harry And Meghan's Epic Wedding Day Kiss

Although Prince William and Prince Harry are both married up, the king-to-be and his little brother kissed their brides differently. Here are the biggest differences, according to body language expert Blanca Cobb:

Meghan and Harry’s Kiss Outside St George’s Chapel:

Cobb’s take: Harry licked his lips, an anticipatory gesture, right before he goes in for the kiss. Even though Harry and Meghan stand shoulder to shoulder, Harry really leans in to kiss his bride. And Meghan turns her body toward Harry to accept his kiss, their bodies like magnets drawing them toward each other. Both Harry and Meghan close their eyes to enjoy their prolonged kiss, even though Harry’s eyes linger on Meghan before he closes them.

As they break the kiss, Meghan locks eyes with her Prince. Her look is flirtatious and full of love. Both Harry and Meghan’s eyes linger on each other as they pull away — it’s as if they don’t want to look anywhere else. They can’t get enough of each other!

Kate and William’s Kiss on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace:

Cobb says: William and Kate stand shoulder to shoulder, and William leans in to place a kiss on his bride’s lips. Their lips touch for a brief second, and their eyes aren’t completely closed, indicating that it’s a more formal kiss, which is typical PDA for this royal couple. They also open their eyes at different moments, which signals a disconnect or that Kate is shy or embarrassed. After the kiss, Kate giggles then immediately turns to face the crowd.

William and Kate still have big genuine smiles on their faces after the smooch.

The Bottom Line:

“It should come as no surprise that Harry and Meghan’s kiss is more intimate than William and Kate’s,” Cobb says. “Harry and Meghan always appear to be more comfortable showing PDA, whereas William and Kate have traditionally been more reserved and formal.”

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