5 Daily Habits Of An Athlete

If anyone knows a thing or two about scoring goals in the health department, it’s Mollie Gray – she plays Rugby Union for the Wallaroos, and – exciting news – she’s just been announced in the squad for the World Cup in Ireland this August! She’s certainly no drop-kick. 

Here, the Body Science athlete shares her daily habits, so you can pick them up!

1. Train with a purpose 
Always have a plan when you go into training. Set your goals and map out how to achieve them. This may be in the form of a written exercise plan for the week, or alternatively deciding the night before what you want to achieve for the following day. For me, it means when I go into the gym I train with purpose and intensity because I’m focused on what I’m trying to achieve. To help boost my motivation I often make a playlist to look forward to.

2. Refuel 
A common misconception around reducing your food intake and increasing your physical output is that it will lead to weight loss. There needs to be a healthy balance that includes refueling post-workout. I like to sip on BCAA during a session and when I’m done I’ll have a Body Science Lean Muscle protein shake with some creatine. But food’s important as well. It’s only natural that when you increase your physical output your body will demand more food to replenish. In cases where you deny your body fuel, you may risk a drop in blood glucose and end up bingeing on whatever’s at hand, which may not always be the healthy option. Fresh vegies and good-quality meats make up the bulk of my diet.

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3. Recover 
I’m currently in rehabilitation after ACL surgery from three months ago, so recovery plays a huge part in my training. I’m a huge fan of an electrical muscle stimulator. I’m hooked up to it most of the day, especially after training. Stretching is also vital to exercise, I often use a foam roller or a tennis ball to release tension. And I wear compression tights when I train, my go to at the moment are the Body Science V7 tights.


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4. Take a load off
It’s easy to become fixated on a goal as an athlete, which is why I complement my training with gentle exercise so my body isn’t constantly in a fight or flight mode. Brisk walking, yoga, pilates or a jog on the beach complement my training, but don’t put added stress on my body. They also help me tap into a more mindful state.

5. Rest
Sleep is one of the most underrated commodities. Without an adequate amount of quality rest my physical output greatly depletes. Sleep ensures my body the opportunity to replenish as well as repair. I like to take magnesium before bed for greater muscle relaxation. Herbal night teas containing valerian, passionflower, hops and lavender can also help me have a restful sleep. Soaking my feet in an epsom salt bath is a nice ritual if I’m watching TV or chilling out.

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