This Pregnant Woman's Workout Challenge With Her Husband Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

At 37 weeks pregnant, Instagrammer Anna Strode is pretty close to her due date – but that doesn’t mean she’s slowing down her workouts.

She recently challenged her husband to strap a medicine ball to his belly to replicate a pregnancy bump, and the results are hilarious.

“Challenged the hubby to a pregnancy workout. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well,” Anna wrote.

“His response as soon as we taped the weighted ball to him was ‘OH OUCH, this rally hurts your back hey’, and yep – that’s the reason women have babies and not men.”

The pair lifted weights together but there was clear winner…

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Despite being heavily pregnant, Anna still exercises four times a week for 20 minutes a week. However she’s said that her energy has finally hit an ‘all time low’ and she’s struggling to keep her eyes open. 

But she’s still trying her hardest to sneak in some workouts like this one…

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