The One Thing That Will Help Your Orgasms Last Longer

Wanna know the secret to a better climax?

It’ll set you back a pineapple or two.

According to new research from the world’s leading neuroscientists, orgasms can last up to 17 per cent when using a sex toy (23.3 seconds in comparison to just 19.9 seconds via manual stimulation.)

To establish this, the brain patterns, emotional states, skin response and anal contractions of 17 women were analysed as they reached the big O. Under lab conditions, they were each asked to masturbate twice: once with their hand and then with a vibrator (this one, to be exact.)

Interestingly, while the participants reported feeling “more excited” from start to finish using the toy, they took 26.4 minutes on average to reach a climax (manual masturbation took just 6.5 minutes.) The researchers put this down to the fact the women were enjoying “broader physical sensations” and exploring their sexuality more.  

“The study found that women achieved greater excitement during orgasms with use of a vibrator compared to manual stimulation and their orgasms lasted 17 per cent longer,” explained neuroscientist, Dr Nicole Prause.

“The women’s brainwaves suggest that vibrators may also reduce the effort used to reach an orgasmic state. However, we found that women wanted to play, explore and enjoy their new toy, which resulted in a longer lasting sexual experience with broader physical sensations and more excitement than using their hand alone.”

Full disclosure: at a price of $99.95 LoveHoney’s Happy Rabbit Vibrator def isn’t the cheapest ticket to pleasure town. But if one thing’s for sure, you can’t put a price on eternal happiness.

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