The One Sign That Proves If Your Coworker Is A Psychopath

Noticed something a little off about a fellow colleague? 

Well, the Journal of Business and Ethics is helping you out by discovering how to figure out if your coworker is a psychopath.

New research has revealed that if someone enjoys working with a horrible manager, then they most likely have psychopathic tendencies, marie claire UK reports.

The two studies found that psychopaths thrive under abusive bosses who are rude and spread office gossip. Ouch. 

Researcher Dr Charlice Hurst has broken psychopaths down into two categories, but both flourish in abusive workplaces, marie claire UK reports.

“People who score high in primary psychopathy lack empathy and are cool-headed and fearless. They don’t react to things that cause other people to feel stressed, fearful or angry,” Dr Charlise Hurst said.

“Secondary psychopaths are more hot-headed and impulsive. We found that primary psychopaths benefit under abusive supervisors,” Charlice added.

If the evidence is starting to sound a little too familiar, maybe keep your distance. 

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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