The Surprising Thing That’s Guaranteed To Happen In the First Year Of A Relationship

Turns out they don’t call ‘em love handles for nothing!

According to experts, settling down with an S.O is one of the fastest paths to weight gain.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow found that couples put on 2.5kilograms on average during the first year of marriage – while those who move in together pack on the pounds even faster (2kgs in just three months.) 

Catherine Hankey, the nutrition and dietician who led the study, puts this down to the fact that mealtimes often double as bonding sessions. 

“When people get married or cohabit, food can become central to the relationship as couples share meals and treats like food and drink,” she told the Sunday Times.

“They also become less active – they stop looking to hook up and they take less exercise.” 

And tbh, this kinda makes sense – when two people are happy in each other’s company, they no longer feel the pressure to pertain to certain aesthetic standards.   

But hey, to all the lovebirds out there, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to skip the next dinner date for sweat sesh instead (thank us later, waistline.)  

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