The Internet Is Losing It Over What’s In Michelle Bridges’ Fridge

Fitness guru Michelle Bridges’ latest photo is her most revealing yet. And nope, it’s *not* another ab selfie.

The mum-of-one has taken to Instagram to share the contents of her fridge and the snap is raising more than a few eyebrows.

“Ok… it’s not always the tidiest but it’s everything we need and healthy for us!?? ” she wrote in the caption.

“This is a 100% uninterrupted unstylised photo of my fridge, I have not done anything to make it look uber Chic (clearly!?) It’s real. It’s 100% us!”

While most fans are loving Michelle’s #nofilter photo, some were left wondering if she was being authentic.

“Can I ask…do you have any foods for treat days? Guilty pleasures? Wine? cheese? chocolate etc…,” one follower quizzed.

Another joked: “But where is the wine?”

However, others related to her strict approach to healthy eating, commenting: ”a bit like our fridge since I joined your 12WBT program in sept, I love looking at all our healthy food in our fridge and eating of course!”

This isn’t the first time Michelle has treated social media to an intimate look at her home and private life.

The trainer frequently shares candid family photos with her husband Steve Commando Willis and their two-year-old son, Axel.

Our love….❤️#sleepinin

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Beach Bums….☀️?

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