Plus Size Models Have A Positive Impact On Women’s Mental Health

What do Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley and Fiona Falkiner have in common? Well aside from being jaw-droppingly gorgeous plus-size models they’re all doing wonders for our mental health.

A new study out of Florida State University has found that women experienced enhanced psychological health after looking at plus-size models. It also revealed that women were more likely to pay attention to, and remember, average and plus-size models in the media, in comparison to thin ones.

The study analysed the psychophysiological responses of 49 university-age women, as they viewed models of various sizes. Participants were also quizzed on their body satisfaction after looking at each image.

Russell Clayton, assistant professor in the FSU School of Communication, director of the Cognition and Emotion Lab and lead author, said, “By measuring psychophysiological responses during image exposure, we were able to gain insights into the real-time cognitive and emotional responses that unfold when women are exposed to different-size media fashion models.”

“Women made fewer social comparisons, felt increased body satisfaction, paid more attention to and remembered average and plus-size models,” Clayton explained.

“Therefore, it might be a useful persuasive strategy for media producers to employ plus-size models if the goal of the campaign is to capture attention while also promoting body positivity.”

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