Keeping Gums Healthy Could Reduce Risk Of Stomach Cancer

If you aren’t prioritising your oral health, this is sure to get your attention!

According to the latest research out of New York University, if you want to reduce your risk of stomach cancer, it is important to keep your gums healthy. The findings, published in the Journal of Periodontology, provide new evidence that the bacteria associated with gum disease – a progressively destructive, inflammatory condition – could contribute to the development of cancerous stomach lesions.

Scientists hypothesise that a group of aggressive bacteria that live in plaque underneath the gums, set up a pattern of chronic inflammation in the body which may contribute to the development of stomach cancer. Cigarette smoking, consuming salt and preserved foods and H. Pylori have all previously been identified as factors that contribute to stomach cancer, however, we can now add gum disease to the list.

In order to maintain healthy gums, it is important to avoid smoking, eat nutrient-dense natural foods, brush twice daily for two minutes, floss underneath the gums nightly, have your gums professionally cleaned at least once every six months and ensure you are consuming adequate levels of vitamin C in your diet. In doing so, you will potentially be minimising your risk of cancer. Pretty good motivation to stay on top of your oral health!

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