Are you an overthinker? Here’s how you can stop

Among other things, overthinking can cause great harm to your physical health as well.

The mind is a strange organ, and there is no end to what it is capable of. The body reacts to the brain’s directives, which is why mental health is considered to be so important. Overthinking is a habit that can harm your physical health as well, besides causing mental exhaustion, as it may lead to anxiety, stress and paranoia. And since it often feels out of your control, here are some things you can try to give your mind a breather.

Distract yourself

Understand that overthinking is a counter-productive habit that will lead you nowhere. If anything, it will make your mind run around in circles. To escape the trap, you can distract yourself when your mind becomes too loud by engaging in an activity that you really enjoy. Go outdoors, cycle or sprint. Do some dancing. Learn a new culinary skill. Basically anything that flexes your mind muscles.

Breathe and meditate

When you feel you’re losing control over your life, step back and breathe. Know that you are still in control and all you have to do is quieten your mind. This is when meditation and yoga can help. Find yourself a quiet spot and breathe. When done daily, it is guaranteed to clear your brain clutter.

Help someone else

When you feel you are spiralling out of control, do something nice for someone else so you can get a fresh perspective of life and get back on track. When you make someone else’s day brighter, it gives you a strange sense of power. You realise you are worthy and enough.

Think about your successes

It is difficult to think about your accomplishments when your mind is riddled with negativity, but try. Take a moment and think about what you have achieved; they can be minor achievements, but you probably had a role to play. You may be surprised to know you are stronger and more capable than whatever is plaguing your mind at the moment.

Forgive yourself

If it’s a past mistake that is eating you up, know that you are only a human being trying to do your best in life, and that mistakes are a part of the deal. Learn to let go, and be easy on yourself. It is of no use if you keep playing and replaying scenarios that you wish would have unfolded differently.

Seek help

Do not fight this alone. You are allowed to show your vulnerabilities and seek help. Go to a family member or a friend and pour your heart out. Better yet, seek professional help.

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