5 Things You Should Consider Before Changing Jobs

If you are unhappy with your current job and think a new job would automatically fix everything I suggest giving it a second thought.

I strongly believe that our perception of any given situation is what truly matters, and changing our outlook and our attitude can change anything. This might also mean realising you need to change jobs – but you will be looking from a different place.

I myself have found joy in work I vowed I would never do again, after changing professions several times, until I found the practical tools of Joy of Business that opened up a totally new world for me.

Today I combine everything I have ever learned in inspiring others to find the joy in what they do as well. Questions are part and parcel of the method I am using, as they allow us to gain clarity, and, more importantly, help generate new possibilities. So I am inviting you to consider the following:

1. Change perspective

If the tasks assigned to you don’t match what you had expected, start looking at your position in the company from a bigger perspective, so you can see the value of what you are doing more clearly. When you get you have more to offer – what if you started making suggestions to that effect? Even if your ideas won’t be actualised as is, you will have started a conversation that could open up new possibilities.

2. Do you believe you are not acknowledged the way you should be?

Don’t wait to receive recognition from your leaders and bosses. Give yourself the acknowledgement you feel you do deserve. Realise the contribution you make to the organisation, the job or other team members, through both your work and as a human being.

3. Realise you’re not a robot

You are much bigger than your job alone. Realise that you do have a choice around how you show up and figure out how to bring more of the ‘real you’ to work so you feel more alive. What energy can you bring into the workplace that would make it more enjoyable for everyone, including you?

4. Separate personal and professional

If you are subconsciously overly concerned about your emotional interactions with your co-workers, ask yourself whether you might have expectations that go beyond a level appropriate for work. See where you haven’t given enough attention to yourself, your family and friends.

5. Find what brings you joy

If you feel exhausted after work, what if, instead of giving in to the notion that you are too tired to do anything, start looking at what you can add to your life that would invigorate your being and your body – anything that brings you joy?

How do you feel after reading this? Any lighter? So the underlying questions here are really:

What’s right about this *situation, this job, me* I’m not getting? How does it get even better than this?

Try applying these questions to any situations that cause discomfort, unease and anxiety, and see the endless possibilities that open up and allow you to let go of these feelings, and into more joy.

Corinna Kaebel is a professional interpreter, communicator, coach and mentor. Being fluent in English, German and Russian allows her to travel the globe extensively to teach, coach and interpret. Corinna loves being on the road, exploring new places and working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Her number one goal is to inspire, support and help people to show up with more of themselves in tact and to navigate their own life journey with more ease, grace and glory. Corinna is a Joy of Business facilitator, a specialty program from personal development organisation Access Consciousness.

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