This Mom’s Bikini Photo Proves You Can Quit Dieting and Still Look Amazing

Last month, Adrienne Osuna announced to her Instagram followers that after years of dieting and feeling insecure about her body, she was done with it all. 

Osuna, the woman behind Ariya Activewear and a mom of four, just followed up this empowering post with a new selfie that demonstrates how dedicated she is to embracing her body and loving who she is. In the image, she’s posing comfortably in a bikini, looking very content.

“Life goes by too fast to not wear the bathing suit, make the memories, take the trip, be in pictures, or have fun because you think you don’t look ‘good enough,’” she wrote in the caption. “Be confident, you’re beautiful and I promise you are your worst critic.”

Osuna added that she admires those women who focus more on having a good time and less on how their body looks poolside. Seems to us that she’s become the kind of person she’s long admired. “Don’t be worried about what people think,” she wrote. “And if people judge then that’s their problem because their opinions literally have no value in your life.”

Monday’s Instagram isn’t the only positive social media message Osuna has posted. She frequently puts up before-and-afters of her weight loss transformation. And her post last month about quitting dieting and following a more intuitive approach to eating was super inspiring.

“I’m DONE,” she wrote in May. “I won’t do it to myself anymore. This post is for anyone that can relate and to just let you beautiful people know that it will be slow, it will probably take me a while to get back to where I was but I’m totally feeling myself. I feel like a huge weight is lifted.”

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