They call us heroes, so it’s okay if we die – pediatrician protested for protective equipment

You can see in the Video: children’s doctor, and protested for more Corona-protection equipment.

A lonely Protest on a roof in London.

While many people applaud a week, the Corona-helpers, suggests children’s emergency medical and Green politician Alexander Armitage with a spoon on a cooking pot.

He loudly calls for more protective equipment for the British hospitals.

O-Ton: Protection Of Equipment! Protective equipment! Protective equipment!

Currently, the Public is very grateful, but there is a big difference between the support of the population and the support by the government. The lack of protective equipment makes it clear. – Alexander Armitage compared.

Polls show that 65% of British Doctors, however, are only partially or not at all in front of the Coronavirus protected. (Source:

48% reported to have protective equipment privately for yourself or your Department to buy.

For Armitage weekly round of applause is not sufficient as a support.

I appreciate the warm applause of the population, but the government uses the order of its responsibility to the medical staff to distract. – Alexander Armitage compared.

A colleague said to me: “they call us heroes, so it’s okay if we die.” I don’t want to, that the government gets away with it. – Alexander Armitage compared.

Armitage is planning his Protest for so long to continue, until the weekly round of applause is over.