These people are Corona-risk patients – and they are calling for: stay home!

Mandy Geierhos, 45, an IT Consultant, and Isabelle, 9, pupil, from Friedberg in Bavaria

“Well, I’m definitely afraid for our daughter. A lot more than usual. Isabelle came in with a severe heart defect to the world, she has only one heart chamber, the right. She has three serious open heart surgery and was connected to a heart-lung machine. The heart defect could be corrected by the intervention to the extent that you can live with that. Infections can be fatal, no matter whether she gets a flu, or scarlet fever, or with Corona is infected. If something is circulating, we left you at home, or even more taken care of and disinfected. So we have been living for more than nine years. Nevertheless, we feel that the Corona-Virus as being particularly threatening. Also, because there is still no vaccine. Shortly before the schools in Bavaria were closed, we took our daughter out of school, she was fortunately provided unbureaucratically free, because it belongs to the risk group. Since then she has been home. And I am now working in a home office and go out only for shopping.

The nine-year-old has Thank you painted your appeal on a heart: “that you left for me at home.”

Even if I don’t Isabelle me to take with me to the supermarket, risky for you, it is still There, no one sees that I am a child who belongs to the risk group. The people will not back a to the Pellet, hold the distance that would be so important. You cough a – instead of staying at home. You sneeze in the Hand and then packs in the veggie box or the Cheese. On the disinfection of many not over the device at the entrance just run, be interested to know that there maybe people shopping belonging to the risk group or have relatives who are particularly at risk. It makes my husband and me angry. We feel in the marginalized, we must also be careful because of this ignorance and thoughtlessness even more.

And I also really fear that in the case of children such as Isabelle’s heart surgery at some point can no longer take place, because in the hospitals, not all people can be supplied. These children could die because of it. It is a nightmare.

People should finally switch on your brain and realize that you endanger others with your behaviour in the extreme, the number of cases is always faster increase. The output restriction in Bavaria, I consider this to be correct, and it seems to be no different. Unfortunately. I would wish for more solidarity with families like us. I can only say: stay home. For us, too.”

The Risk Group

The Robert Koch Institute warns almost on a daily basis: Serious illness trajectories, especially in the Corona-risk group was observed. So seven million people with Diabetes mellitus are it to the by the Virus are particularly Vulnerable. And also the 300 000 to 500 000 children and adults with congenital heart disease, the life according to the Bundesverband herzkranke kinder e. V. in Germany.

To the people with a higher risk for a severe COVID-19-course of the disease, according to the Institute:

Samantha Rebholz, 25, administrative assistant, from Hessigheim, Baden-Württemberg

“Four years ago I was audited a lung transplant, I have since then take immunosuppressants so my lungs will not be repelled. The consequence of this is that my immune system is down, I much more susceptible to am infection. Sometimes it’s enough that someone in my vicinity has a slight runny nose or cough, and infect me. My basic disease is cystic fibrosis. I belong to the risk group, if not one of the high-risk group. If I were to be infected with the Corona Virus and a chest infection, then I would be instructed probably to an intensive care bed.

The Motto “Together against Corona” is marked, reporting and initiatives, particularly solidarity and remarkable projects in the fight against Corona. The Initiator of the action is the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, which also includes the publishing house Gruner of the year, belongs to, in which the star appears.

There are so many people who belong to the risk group, also diabetics, heart patients, cancer patients. And yet people run around outside and cough in the area, sneezing in the Hand and then to the door handles, we need to touch also. People who carry the Virus may in. You can’t leave, unfortunately, at all the fact that in this crisis all behave responsibly. Apparently some take this disease is still not serious enough and does not have on screen that their behavior has consequences. A few days ago, nor have I seen a group of eight young people drinking beer. Something like that excites me.

I drew for myself of the consequences. I go for a walk, everything my family done for me. My friend will not stay away also in order not to endanger me. He works in the hospital. We live in the Internet age, you are not isolated, just because you can’t sit in Cafés and pubs. You can communicate with friends, skyping, using Facetime, WhatsApp, or Mail.

I would like to stay all as often as possible at home, so the nightmare is over quickly. Not just us with the higher risk for a severe COVID-19-course of the disease would be helped with it.”

Samantha Rebholz has cystic fibrosis. It was commented that is why a lung transplant

Dr. Egon Hohenberger, 68, a doctor and emergency doctors from Querfurt in Saxony-Anhalt

“I belong to the risk group. I am almost 70, have cardiovascular problems, and since more than 25 years of Diabetes. In the case of my pre-existing conditions, the Virus can attack just easier. Because it can be decisive whether someone is only half a Meter away from me, or two and a half meters, and the people keep to the rules.

I’ve been five years in retirement, but working several times in a month as an emergency physician. Until Easter, I have suspended all services. For Self-Protection. And to the city Council meetings I will attend also.

What strikes me particularly hard is that I can’t take my grandchildren to me. My daughter could use my support. You don’t know where you are with the children after nursery and school closed. But because I belong to the risk group, it has decided not to bring my kids to querfurt. The decision is the right one.

If I’m now on Facebook comments read like “Shut up in politics” or “panic”, then that annoys me. It should actually be, of course, to reduce the contacts on the outside to a Minimum, to the opportunity to at home. The specifications pages of the policy will not be made to annoy us, but have an extremely serious Background. And therefore should follow all the rules, you don’t ignore or try to circumvent. For people like me who have pre-existing conditions may be important for survival. This should concern people.

You will probably reach those who ignore the requirements, or at the end only drastic fines. Maybe you Wake up then, finally.”

Egon Hohenberger is a diabetic and suffers from a cardiovascular disease

Daniel Ecker, 35, Butcher shop sales assistant, Munich

“When I am ill almost three years ago of leukemia, had substances in my body some fierce battles with the contents of the chemotherapy dispensing. As a result, my immune system is weakened and more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Very bad it would be, now to get a pneumonia, you would be in the worst case, be fatal for me.

By means of the Corona epidemic I’m uncertain to the extent that I do not want to leave the apartment, actually. I only go in front of the door, if I need to see a doctor or my food supplies ran out. You can’t shop for at the Moment is normal, because apparently everyone thinks he has to buy for the next eight years, toilet paper and pasta. The supermarkets are crowded, the queues at the checkouts are long. The people do not hold the all-important distance. A protective mask would be great, but you get nowhere. Because the people you do not really need to have covers. And immune-weakened people such as I are without.

I would hope that people do what they are told. That you only go out when it needs to be. That keep your distance. Because in order to protect not only themselves, but also people like me with a pre-existing condition. I do not want to keep stay locked up, just because people are careless, the rules. And this is our only Chance, that the number of patients is not Overwhelming. If our hospital system crashing, because there’s a lot more Sick people than Doctors and nurses, then more and more people are advised in life-threatening danger. I don’t like Angela Merkel, but she has kept a good speech, and she said: you Stay at home.

The people that ignore everything, know everything better, should at last think time to start.”

Daniel Kaltenecker fought against leukemia. Until today, his immune system is weakened

Kenth Joite, 29, due for retirement, and his wife, Jacqueline, 23, social insurance specialist employees, from Steinenbronn near Stuttgart

“I live with only half a heart. It’s called my heart defect, DORV – Double Outlet Right Ventricle. I’ve come to the world. I was in my life countless times in the hospital recently again. I had a surgery on the lungs, because I was constantly coughing up blood. All of this is the result of my underlying disease. My wife, Jacqueline, is one of the people, for the Corona Virus is very dangerous. She has causes harm to cystic fibrosis, a metabolic disorder, the lungs and organs. We are both pretty limited, friends and relatives to buy for us, packaged food. We have the luck that we need in the current Situation, as well as not out. Only with the dog, we are still on the road. I usually work as a volunteer for a rescue service, coming soon I wanted to be involved in a project of the Federal Association of children with heart conditions e. V. All that rests now for the first time. My wife and I have no panic, but we have become very, very careful.

Joite Kenth and his wife, Jacqueline, both belong to the risk group

In Baden-Württemberg, where we live, there are many Corona-cases. Nevertheless, we have seen in the last time still young people on the playing field or children on the Playground. And as I was two weeks ago, yet self-supermarket, kloppten people killed toilet paper, shoved in front of the cash registers and coughed across the Store. And tatschten also fruit and salad, and put the stuff back in the boxes. With this negligent Act endangering not only the elderly, but also younger with severe chronic diseases.

For people like us, it would be important that the people remain as much as possible at home and keep your distance when you go out. I would take wish, that all the recommendations of the Robert Koch-Institute, adhere to the rules and prohibitions, the situation seriously. It is, in fact, serious. And I have real no desire to leave my life by careless, thoughtless people even more at risk.”

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