Neck tension solved: to relieve the discomfort and prevent them

A survey of pain patients showed that by 2017, 55 percent of men and 35 percent of women suffer from neck tension and, consequently, also tension headaches, back tension, discomfort, or muscle. The symptoms are mostly the same: The neck is stiff, so that the mobility of the head and neck area is very limited. Not rarely the pain radiates into the arms, causing severe headache or trigger Nausea and/or dizziness. The bottom line is that you can say: neck tension are no bed of roses, quite the opposite. Many Sufferers feel in everyday life is restricted because they can not provide full power. Private as in professional life. The more important it is to explore the causes and solve the neck strain.

These are the most common causes and symptoms

1. Too little movement

The thoracic spine is usually very agile – it moves, however little, about by to Sit a lot, need to work the cervical spine more. What, in turn, leads to the muscles around it are permanently strained, and due to the Congestion hardened. Pain, neck strain and a stiff neck are the consequences. To counteract this, you need to move in everyday life more, whether it’s by regular exercise or you can stand up every hour from my computer, stretch, and stretch a bit.

2. Too much Stress

If you are constantly under power, you must provide your body maximum benefits: Due to the permanent tension, tense up your muscles, so that, especially tension in the neck, shoulder and head area occur. This is not only very painful but can be a serious Problem for your health. The magic word here is stress reduction. Take frequent breaks, take a break and try to preserve even in stressful situations – calm.

3. The wrong sleeping position

Do you Wake up every Morning with a stiff neck or neck tension? Then you may have an unfavorable sleeping position – for example, by an incorrect pillow. Your spine is not supported in the optimal, you need to work your muscles at night too much. It is important in any case that they are too high and also your mattress cushions the body properly. Particularly recommended here is a special cushion, the head is optimally supported and tension in the neck area to relieve or prevent can.

4. Glued Fascia

Our muscles are surrounded by fascia, a net-like connective tissue. Normally, they are extremely elastic, making the body as flexible as possible. This bonding, however, for example, by lack of exercise or Stress, they trigger discomfort in the back, from neck and shoulder area. To loosen the fascia, which adhere to each other, again, there are two special methods: One of them is the fascia training. For this you need a foam roller, your muscles and your connective tissue massage can – like in this Video:

With these tips, you solve the neck strain

Heat is always the quickest and easiest solution to the muscles to relax. Because, however bad a hot water bottle in the back of the neck place can, recommended an elongate grains of pillow, you are in the Standing or Lying down, the shoulders can. There are a variety of different Designs that are all suitable for the microwave and heat for up to 45 minutes can save.

Alternatively, there are also electric massage device for neck tension, painful trigger points with small rotating balls and infra-red heat edit, the discomfort to alleviate. The Practical fact is that you have to Ask, you can’t reach with the hands. Add to that the pressure and the speed of the massage balls determine can.

If you are not electrically powered device want to use, but still, your neck tension to loosen the trigger points manually massaging – however, not with the hands themselves, but a special device: the so-called Body Back Buddy. This not only sounds funny, it also looks like. Nevertheless, to help you massage hook in the back, neck, shoulder, legs, and feet to treat. See for yourself:

Another way your head, neck and shoulder area, gently massage, the acupressure Mat: the Fact there are 230 plastic plates, each with 27 pressure peaks, the your skin and all of the important acupuncture points to stimulate – in as in Sitting. With regular use, so the head, shoulder, back, and joint pain as well as neck tension and also disorders of blood circulation will be improved.

A time-honored classic against neck tension is Tiger balm. The contained ingredients (Cajeput, camphor, Menthol, peppermint and clove) spread a pleasant scent. Much more important, however, is: If you like the home remedies massage into skin, heats up – this will make your blood circulation so that your muscles loosened and the Tension in the neck is solved.

So, you bend the neck from warping in the future

If you have managed the discomfort in the head, neck, and to relieve the shoulder area, it is unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the pain will not come back. For this reason, you need to pursue the that enough in everyday life to move, not to a lot of Stress and rest periods to prescribe. For example, in the bath or a session in the Sauna, since heat for neck tension can be curative. If you can’t make it to sports, you can make an occasional small Exercises at home such as at your Desk:

You circle your shoulders, tilt your head forward and back, stretch and bend your spine: in the Quadruped, make a cat hump and go back to the hollow cross. There are a lot more Exercises that you can do in the meantime to neck tension to prevent. For this you do not need more than eight minutes of the day, as this Video shows. In any case, it is important, especially if you constantly have a stiff neck, to do something about it. Because of alone the pain will go away, unfortunately, and may be so bad that you need to see a doctor. The sooner you start, the higher the chances are for a speedy recovery.

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