Meet Gracie Elvin: The Pro Road Cyclist

Gracie Elvin is 28 years old, a pro road cyclist and Bike Exchange ambassador. 

How did you get into cycling?

“I did MTB (mountain bike) days at school and loved beating the boys. Dad set up an old road bike for me when I was 13 and we rode together. I went along to skills sessions and got hooked pretty quickly.” 

So when did you go pro?

“In 2012 I did my rst full racing season in Europe. I was also an MTB rider before that and competed at the highest level for three years from 2009.”

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What do you love about cycling?

“Cycling’s given me cofidence – I was a very shy young person; I’ve met amazing people through the sport; I’ve surprised myself at how far I can push my body and mind; and I love seeing the world on two wheels. I’ve been to so many unique places that I would’ve never seen otherwise.” 

What’s your training like?

“During the Aussie summer I build tness for the European season and ride about 500km per week. I also mix in three gym sessions a week, and race more than 50 days of the year.”

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What are you most looking forward to?

“My main goal is to do well in a Belgian race called The Tour of Flanders. It’s like a footy grand final weekend for them – about a million fans line the roads that day. It gives me chills every time I race there and I’d love to win that race more than any other.”

What would you say to women thinking of trying out cycling?

“Riding a bike brings a special joy because you feel so free. And the speed and e ciency of cycling is second to none in terms of both healthy commuting or exercise. I’d suggest starting with your local bike shop or club to get advice on the right bike for you and people to ride with.”

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