How to Massage Your Prostate Without Getting a Foreign Object Stuck in Your Butt

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If you’re familiar with the so-called “male G-spot,” you know that stimulating the prostate can feel unbelievably good. Just do it safely, guys.

Why the warning? According to a recent BMJ case study, a 26-year-old man in India was hospitalized for having a shower head stuck six inches inside his rectum. After some “gentle anal stretching,” the Daily Mail reports that doctors were able to remove the object, and the patient went home after 48 hours of observation.

Although the man said the shower head had gotten lodged there because he fell on it, doctors strongly suspected he’d inserted it for sexual reasons. In fact, “autoerotic purposes” are one of the main reasons guys get objects stuck in their rectums, according to the case study — though stigma prevents many patients from being honest with their doctors.


The 26-year-old man in the BMJ Case Study isn’t alone. In 2013, a man in China went to the hospital complaining of stomach pain. Though the man reportedly said he had no idea what was causing the discomfort, x-rays revealed a bottle lodged in his abdomen, plus a curved metal wire that he’d apparently used in an attempt to get it out.

Listen, guys: It’s great if you want to stimulate your prostate — but it’s not great to be the guy who finally heads to the emergency room after spending two days with a broken drinking glass in his rectum.

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So how can you safely reap the benefits of that male G-spot?

Here’s everything you need to know about locating your prostate, which is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and rectum. With clean hands (and a healthy dose of lube), start by externally massaging the perineum. If that feels good — and you feel comfortable — try inserting your finger into your rectum, curving it in the direction of your belly-button. You should be able to feel your prostate about two inches in.

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