How come I always have an erection? It hardly goes away, I wake up with it and go to sleep with it, I always have to cover it up.

Erections are really common for guys when they’re going through puberty – morning, afternoon, nighttime, you name it! Why is this? The same hormone that causes you to grow taller, your voice to deepen, and hair to develop on your body – testosterone – is also responsible for the frequent erections that guys get. Testosterone levels suddenly become higher during puberty, and that’s what causes erections. So, the frequent erections are actually a sign of other healthy changes taking place in your body as you go through puberty.

And, there’s comfort in knowing that all guys going through puberty experience frequent and sometimes unexpected erections. You’re not alone! Also, as puberty progresses, you’ll find that erections at surprising times happen less and less, so all this should get better with time.

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