Florence Nightingale is considered an icon of modern nursing

Every day at 21 PM and is currently being applauded in many places, it is cheering for Doctors and nurses, day and night saving people’s lives, and while the Corona-crisis to their limits. Also, Boris Johnson suffered from Covid-19 and was nursed back to health. When he reported for the first Time after his recovery again, he thanked the two Care: Jenny from new Zealand and Luis from Portugal were “48 hours in my bed (…), as things can run differently,” said Johnson. To them he had to thank for his life, he made it clear. In their home countries, the two were then overnight to small celebrities.

The British Prime Minister had spent three days on the intensive care unit of the St. Thomas’ Hospital. At the hospital in London, Florence Nightingale established in the year 1860, a sister school and thus laid the Foundation for modern nursing. On Tuesday, 12. May, marks the anniversary of the birthday of the statistician, and social reformer 200. Time. At the same time, the International nurses day is celebrated.


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Nurses to Corona times

In the Coronavirus pandemic nurses about lack can’t complain words of encouragement. Every week, the people in Britain and many other countries come to the window and in front of the doors to applaud you and the Doctors. Finally, they often work to exhaustion, and are risking even your life.

But the worship as a hero or an angel with superhuman powers, not only against love. Too easily will overlook the fact that Carers also have needs, so the criticism. “There are human beings with families and Fears,” said Annette Kennedy, President of the world Federation of nurses, in an interview with the German press Agency. “They have feelings and need emotional and physical support, you need to rest and eat,” said the Association boss.

Of particular concern Kennedy finds that there is often no sufficient protective clothing is available. “Governments and employers have a duty of care for employees and caregivers, who send them into battle with the deadly Virus,” she warns him.

Florence Nightingale knew the dangers

Already Florence Nightingale was well aware of the hazards of their task. In the British military hospital in Scutari, in a modern district of Istanbul, fell ill during the Crimean war (1853-56), are likely to brucellosis. The infectious disease was to the chronic Suffering that accompanied them for the Rest of your life. Several of the 38 nurses who had gone with her in the first place, died. But they saved countless patient lives.

Through her work in Scutari, Nightingale was already a legend in his own time. As they reached the makeshift hospital converted barracks in 1854, were thousands of patients there, in their own excrement, everywhere scurry of rats and mice, the drinking water well was contaminated with a horse carcass. But before Nightingale could ensure order, she had to assert itself only once against the Doctors. The thought of the women from the home would look in a military hospital with nothing to. Your blood-stained coat to carry around these physicians, such as bravery badge. To wash them, was frowned upon.

More Deaths due to infections

Nightingale had no idea of the cause and Transmission routes of diseases. But she understood quickly that more of their patients died of infections than injuries from the war. The funds you set in, however, occur in times of the Coronavirus pandemic, known. These included: Frequent hand washing, good ventilation, and too much Close to eliminate. To knew “at this time, you still do not why, but she realized that it works,” says Kristin stage, man. Of the procedure Nightingales we can learn even today many believe the Co-Director of the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. The small Museum currently has a special exhibition on the 200. Birthday of its namesake set up. As the rooms had to close because of the Corona pandemic, was designed in the wind Online exhibition.

Ever the stage man sees great Parallels between the efforts of Florence Nightingale to save the lives of soldiers in Scutari and the fight against the Coronavirus. Nightingale documented meticulously, what they died of entrusted to soldiers. The woman, who was so called because of their nocturnal visits also Lady with the lamp, bringing light to the darkness of the dying in Scutari. From the collected data, they drew conclusions for the organization and even the architecture of hospitals. You visualized the results in graphic charts, in order to convince the policy in your home country of the necessity of reforms, and they drummed relentlessly for financial resources.

Hope for a rethink of the policy

Money is still often the Problem. Annette Kennedy hopes that the painful experience of the Coronavirus pandemic, makes for a rethinking of the policy. “If you want economic growth, you invested in health care,” summarizes the lesson of the pandemic. The world health organization, lack of the world WHO suggest that around six million carers. And unlike heroes or angels Caring “competent professionals, the need for the appropriate for their life-saving activities paid be,” says Kennedy.

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