Doctor about everyday racism: In the coat respects, the Hoodie discriminated against

Emeka Okorocha is working in the East of London in the emergency room of a hospital. There, the 27-Year-old takes care of patients who come in with various injuries in the clinic. Now none of Okorocha, perhaps, the infamous “half-gods in White” – but in his coat, he enjoys the respect of patients and colleagues. In his private life, the dark-skinned doctor experienced, however, often different, he says in the social media. There he is as “Doctor Emeka” on-the-go.


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On TikTok and Instagram, he reported how different people perceive it. “If you are celebrating with me in the coat, then don’t hate me in the Hoodie”, calls on his fellow-man in a Video on the TikTok, which has been accessed more than 800,000 Times on the platform. In order to position the physician against racism and discrimination.

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Black doctor is regularly stopped in the car

The “Daily Mail” reported Okorocha how he experienced racism in his daily life: “In my coat all clap for the employees in health care, but if I’m going in a Hoodie than two meters big man through a wealthy area, they are afraid seem to love me.” He desires that each be regarded as a human being and not to his appearance evaluated.

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He regularly get stopped in the car by the police because he was allegedly too slow on the road, told Okorocha. “If the police see my passport and my doctorate, change your tone.” Okorocha is a Whatsapp group in exchange with other black Physicians, who make all of the similar experiences in Job and private life.

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The idea of the Social Media posts that reach a large audience arose. Previously, a black lawyer from the United States had posted a similar Video. After Okorochas Post many black academics in similar style stage and want to create a greater awareness of how the Public perceived.

Okorocha summarizes the message on Instagram: “not only Loves us, if it is trendy or convenient. Loves us, if it’s hard when you’re criticized for, if you’re scared or embarrassed. Then we remember that you are truly on our side.”

Sources: Daily Mail / Emeka Okorocha on TikTok / Emeka Okorocha on Instagram

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