Cosplay Sex Is Basically Role-Playing On Steroids

Admittedly, it’s pretty fun to dress up for Halloween, no matter how old you are. You get to pretend to be someone else for the night, and maybe even channel some inner sexiness by dressing up as Khaleesi, or even a sexy mouse (we see you, Karen).

But some adults like to play dress-up all year long—and when they take on a persona, it’s known as cosplay (literally costume-play).

While some people just like playing a character, others like to kick things up a notch by bringing it to the bedroom. And that, friends, is called cosplay sex.

What is cosplay sex?

Cosplay sex is exactly what it sounds like: People bang while in character. It’s similar to fantasy role-play, but with better outfits and more commitment, says sex therapist Debra Laino, D.H.S.

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When you engage in a fantasy, you probably draw your partner in by saying something like “let’s pretend that…” But with cosplay sex, you actually feel like you are the character from the get-go, she says. So you’re not only dressed up as that character, but also embody that role from foreplay to climax.

There are no stats on how common cosplay sex is, but Laino says it seems to be rising in popularity along with events where people engage in standard cosplay, like Comic-Con and anime conventions.

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Is this considered a kink?

Sure is. “For some people, this is a lifestyle,” Laino says. Some people prefer to have sex in character every time they have sex.

So if you happen to hook up with someone you meet at a cosplay convention, and you want to keep having sex with them, realize they may expect that you’ll both be in character every single time you do it. That’s why, if it’s not just a one-night stand, Laino advises you to have a convo about expectations.

Are there any must-knows before trying it out?

While a lot of cosplay sex may be pretty low-key (think Harry Potter fans living out their Hermione and Harry fantasies in costume), some scenarios can get a little more, well, intense.

Let’s just put it this way: Pornhub has a cosplay sex video that features Pinhead from the Hellraiser series (the terrifying character sent to Earth to harness human souls):

Bottom line: It’s a good idea to establish some safe words in advance, just in case things get a little out of hand, Laino says.

Is cosplay sex right for you?

It’s pretty simple, really: If you have an active imagination, love to pretend, and dig the idea of getting it on while imagining you’re someone (or something) else—cosplay sex could be a fun and satisfying thing to try, Laino says.

But if any part of this makes you feel uncomfortable, or you’re not into fantasy role-play, it’s probably best to take a pass.

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