Baby lands with water intoxication in the emergency room – that’s why babies should drink only milk

A day at the pool ended with a young mother in the US state of Oregon, and their eleven-month-old daughter in the emergency room. As the woman reported in a Facebook Post, drank the girl in the tub from the bath water. “I’m not made me think a lot about it,” said the mother. But then the girl would become suddenly lethargic, had to pass and difficulties in Breathing had. The woman raced with her Baby to the hospital, where had been ascertained that the child had a “water poisoning”.

⚠ love it. ⚠ love it. ⚠love it.I just wanted to make a Public Service Announcement!! Water intoxication is very real and can happen as…

The kidneys of infants are not yet fully developed

In fact, it can be dangerous for infants to take too much water to warn pediatricians. The reason is that the kidneys are not developed in the first year and larger amounts of water and withdrawal process. As a result, the sodium content in the body of the newborn can be diluted to very, to seizures, for example, and brain damage can result and in the worst case, life threat was. It comes to the mother as described in the “water intoxication”, also known as Hyper-hydration or over-hydration means. Symptoms include, among other things, muscle cramps, twitching, vomiting and Nausea, lethargy’s integrity, and a Drop in body temperature accordingly.

Water intoxication can also meet adult