A Protein from cow’s milk protects against allergies

Children who grow up on a farm and non-milk worked drink less likely to suffer from allergies and Asthma. It is believed that the rural environment trains the immune system and so a "Bauernhofschutz" arises. Scientists at the Medical University of Vienna have now found that a specific dairy protein is involved is crucial.

The scientists have the laboratory and in animal studies with Beta-Laktoglobulin carried out, a Protein that occurs in milk. A key seems to be role for the "Bauernhofschutz" against allergies stop: If Beta-Laktoglobulin is loaded with natural substances such as plant pigments from green Grass, it could prevent the immune system of mice to develop an Allergy. If the Protein was not loaded, it seemed like an Allergen, such as the researchers in the journal "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" write.

The study involved a researcher, Dr. Franziska Roth-Walter explained that the nature of substances loaded with Beta-Laktoglobulin brings its binding partner targeted to the immune cells, causing inflammation is prevented. The natural binding partner also prevent that can bind to an Allergy, typical IgE-antibodies to Beta-Laktoglobulin Protein, making it of lactose-intolerant children will probably be better tolerated.

Circumstances, by the natural binding partner is lost, e.g. due to the industrial processing of milk or poor quality of animal feed, can transform Beta-Laktoglobulin, therefore, in an Allergen. The researchers now hope that these new findings can be used to produce about the life on a farm, in addition to Allergy protection.