29 Vibrators That Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

Is it time to upgrade your sex toy drawer? Maybe you already have a tried-and-true vibrator that gets you where you want to go, but you're looking for some variety; maybe you're completely new to sex toy ownership; maybe you're looking for the perfect product to try out with your partner. Whatever your intentions, ahead you'll find 29 intimate options to help heat up your sex life, both partnered and solo. These winning picks range dramatically, from a powerful wand vibrator that looks like a unicorn, to an Amber Rose-approved oral sex recreator, to a pretty pink vibrator that's so silent there's no need to worry about your roommates hearing. Better yet, this batch of high-quality options are accompanied by price tags for every budget, so you don't need to drain your bank account just to get your hands on an amazing new luxury toy. Check out our selection, then prepare to start having a lot more fun in bed.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Stimulator

Most Satisfyer vibrators use the pressure wave suction sensation to give you an orgasm unlike anything you've experienced before. Simply place the cup around your clit, press the "on" button, and relax into pleasure. For those who prefer discretion or enjoy traveling, opt for the Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Stimulator. It works just as well as their other products, but snaps into a black and rose gold carry case that may as well be a camera.

$50 (Shop Now)

Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator

The curves of this pretty pink vibrator from Lovehoney make it an ideal option for both external and internal massage. Plus, it's very quiet. In fact, this sex toy was actually created with silence in mind, so you can masturbate while your roommates are home without stressing out about anyone hearing you (everyone knows that anxiety is not conducive to orgasms). The reasonable price tag on the quiet vibrator also makes it the perfect gift for your friend who just moved into a shared apartment in a big city.

$25 (Shop Now)

Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

This vibrator is an instrument of pure joy. The powerful wand vibrator not only gets you off, it's also shaped like a unicorn. You can have a unicorn move in with you, help put you to sleep, and make you come — and you don't even need to create an awkward couple's Tinder profile to get it.

$119 (Shop Now)

Doc Johnson iWand

Doc Johnson's recent take on the wand vibrator has a superpower: When you're feeling chilly, or just want some extra warmth with your toe-curling orgasm, this vibrator magically heats up. Of course, if you're hot and want to cool down, simply keep the warming function off. I promise it will still make you feel insanely good. The handle works well for partnered sex, as you can have your lover place it against your clit during penetrative sex. Or, skip dating and just curl up with the powerful vibrator that doubles as a warm body.

$130 (Shop Now)

Lelo Ora 2

This beautiful blue Amber Rose-approved vibrator is meant to recreate oral sex. Like all Lelo sex toys, it's so elegantly designed that you can leave it out on your nightstand and people will assume it's simply a beautiful sculpture. And honestly, it is a beautiful sculpture, just one that will give you an amazing orgasm that might just be better than oral sex from a human. Bring on the sex robots, please.

$189 (Shop Now)

Intimate Melody Mage Mini Vibrator

This slender vibrator might remind you of Gumby, but we promise it's a much more fun toy. Flexible and bendable, it feels delightful when stimulating pretty much any part of the body. Get creative with the three vibration frequencies and seven stimulation modes — and enjoy the very reasonable price tag.

$27 (Shop Now)

We-Vibe Pivot

If your partnered sex involves penetration with a penis or dildo, a cock ring could make it even more pleasurable. When used on penises, cock rings can prolong erections, and this vibrating model also delivers intense stimulation to the clit. Cycle through its 10 vibration modes to find the most exciting one for you and your partner.

$109 (Shop Now)

Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

If you're looking for an affordable and highly versatile addition to your sex toy collection, this egg vibe could hit the spot. Use this toy either externally or internally and cycle through the three speeds and four patterns to find the exact tempo that gets you off. If you're in the mood, you can even hand the remote over to your partner and allow them to take control.

$22 (Shop Now)

Broad City Dr Wiz Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator

This [super cute wand vibrator]((https://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=36934){: rel=nofollow} may be easier to wield than the many larger wands on the market, but it doesn't skimp on power. Don't be deceived by how quiet it is, either: This toy delivers deep, rumbly vibrations in seven patterns and three speeds. You may enjoy using it on your tense shoulders (almost) as much as on your clit.

$70 (Shop Now)

Lelo Soraya

This gorgeous toy from Lelo is a favorite of rabbit vibrator fans. It combines external and internal stimulation, vibrating against both the sensitive front wall of the vagina and the clit thanks to its curvy clitoral arm.

$239 (Shop Now)

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

This sleek little bullet is ideal for those who want powerful vibration without a steep price tag. Intuitive and approachable, it's a great pick for sex toy beginners (and people with roommates, since the vibrations are quiet). Better yet, this product is completely waterproof, meaning you can enjoy it in the shower or tub as easily as in the bedroom.

$17 (Shop Now)

Lelo Gigi 2

The flattened tip of this vibe is designed to stimulate the nerve-ending-rich front wall of the vagina, also known as the G-spot. It can also target the clit, to delicious effect. The silky, smooth silicone makes it a pleasure to use.

$139 (Shop Now)

Svakom Amy G-Spot Vibe

With more than 300 reviews and an average rating of over four stars, this sleek stimulator is one of Amazon's best-selling vibrators. Its flattened tip targets the sensitive front wall of the vagina with powerful vibrations, while its waterproof silicone body means you can enjoy it in the tub or shower as well as in the bedroom.

$40 (Shop Now)

Dame Products Fin

This clever vibrator is "worn between the fingers and has a removable strap that helps keep it in place on your hand," one Allure editor and Fin fan explains. "Very discreet, easy, and quick to charge, and it’s good for using with a partner."

$75 (Shop Now)

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

I call the Hitachi Magic Wand the little black dress of my sex toy collection: It's a classic I return to again and again. The hulking Cadillac of vibrators has been around since the 60s, but it only came out in a cordless form in 2015. Now that it's rechargeable (thank goddess), it's still huge — but it works so well I just don't mind.

$125 (Shop Now)

Lelo Tiani 3

The third iteration of Lelo's Tiani has a larger, more square external arm than most couple's massagers, which is good news if the targeted clit stimulation of other models feels a little much.

$169 (Shop Now)

Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

If even the Hitachi Magic Wand is not intense enough to satisfy you, allow us to recommend the Doxy Wand, which is advertised as having 30 percent more power than the Magic Wand. Go on, power queen!

$135 (Shop Now)

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

If you're female-bodied and have vaginal sex, you've probably noticed it can be woefully short on clit stimulation. This silicone ring will fix that (and we hear the vibration feels pretty great on testicles, too).

$25 (Shop Now)

Womanizer Pro40

Yes, the name is stupid. But this toy is anything but. "It uses air to stimulate rather than just vibrations, and it has adjustable intensities that range from super mild to the polar opposite of super mild," one Allure editor and Womanizer fan explains. "It’s expensive, but I swear it’s worth it. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so anyone who’s sick of batteries should 100 percent invest."

$140 (Shop Now)

Je Joue Mio

"This is a great couple's toy because it can be worn, as it is designed, on the penis for external vibration during penetration," Sarah Tomchesson, head of business operations at sex toy retailer The Pleasure Chest, has told Allure. "But it can also be put onto your hand for vibration during manual stimulation or onto a dildo to create added sensation." Not only is this a customer favorite, it's a favorite of Pleasure Chest employees, too.

$109 (Shop Now)

We-Vibe Sync

"Like past We-Vibes, one side of the 'C' is inserted vaginally and allows for simultaneous penetration," Tomchesson has told us. "It also has an app so your partner can control it from their phone when across the room or traveling across the world." Perfect for LDRs, right?

$199 (Shop Now)

We-Vibe Tango

This mini vibe punches above its weight — it's more powerful than you'd think for its size, and its tapered tip is ideal for delivering vibration straight to your clit.

$79 (Shop Now)

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

This toy is advertised as a "pulsator" rather than a vibrator: It actually thrusts back and forth. It's not for everyone, but those who like it, love it.

$199 (Shop Now)

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

This vibrating necklace is surprisingly powerful — not to mention USB-rechargeable and available silver-plated, rose-gold-plated, and even 24-Karat-gold-plated. With its sleek, minimalist design, it's a pleasure to wear as well as take off and use.

From $69 (Shop Now)

Crave Duet Vibrator

Crave makes this list twice thanks to the double-tipped Duet. It provides powerful (yet super quiet) clit stimulation that, in this writer's opinion, feels more immersive than what most bullets of similar size have to offer. It's USB-rechargeable, waterproof, and the perfect size to throw in your purse or carry-on.

From $149 (Shop Now)


There's no way around it: The O-Wand is huge, as vibrators go — all the better to power you to an orgasm, my dear. If you enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, this classy-looking, gold-embellished pleasure product delivers. It's an investment, but you'll return to it again and again.

$200 (Shop Now)

Iroha Mini Vibe

A good vibrator neither has to break the bank nor take up much space. This one-speed, one-pattern little vibe is affordable, uncomplicated, and a welcome addition to pretty much any kind of sex.

$30 (Shop Now)

Je Joue Uma

Offering five speeds and five patterns of vibration, the sleek, powerful vibrator also targets the G-spot with precision. Its body is completely waterproof, so don't hesitate to take it with you into the shower or tub.

$99 (Shop Now)

Fun Factory BI Stronic Fusion

If your sex toy philosophy is that more is more, allow me to introduce you to this rumbling, pulsating invention. Not only does this rabbit vibe target the clit, G-spot, and labia, its internal motor thrusts the toy back and forth to mimic the sensation of penetration by a partner. As Mae West said: "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."

$220 (Shop Now)

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