10 Women Share Their Favourite Masturbation Techniques

Seriously, why is there no female version of the masturbation scene in American Pie? That minute of cinematic magic normalised the bizarre masturbation habits of guys everywhere. Now, it’s time for ladies to embrace that same desire to get freaky however they please.

There are so many ways to explore the inner (and outer) workings of your bod—from trying new masturbation moves, to exploring different vibrator settings, or experimenting with sex toys.

Need some inspo for where to explore next—and how? These 10 women are sharing their favourite techniques:


“The clit, the clit, the clit, the clit! If you don’t know where it is, you better find it! Just get in touch with that thing and BOOM. Your life will be changed forever.” —Jessica, 26


“I like to put a blanket or t-shirt between my vagina and my vibrator. It deadens the feelings a little bit in a way that feels like another person is touching me. I do this while watching some seriously raunchy porn. I won’t get into the kind of porn because…awkward! But it works!” —Malia*, 24


“I’m in a long-distance relationship, and we see each other about once a month for a long weekend. Since we can’t be together as often as we’d like, phone sex and masturbation obviously happen a lot. A couple of things that help both of us:

“One: We have a shared, private Dropbox folder where we upload sexy pics and videos. Watching him get himself off is very arousing, and it gives me clues about what he likes, for the next time we’re together.

“Two: We intentionally leave clothing (pyjamas, underwear…) at each other’s homes. Smelling him on one of his t-shirts definitely gets me in the mood, if I’m not already.” —Frankie*, 36


“Find a vibrator that works for you and marry it. I went through a bunch of sex toys before I found a vibrator that does it for me every time. The thought of not having it or it breaking gives me serious anxiety. No thanks!” —Hannah, 29


“I really enjoy my favourite clit-vibe. It’s a small toy, but it is powerful! I just stick it right on my clit. I can have an orgasm in a few minutes flat. It’s the best way to relax ever. It’s better than sex.” —Britney, 29


“I need penetration to orgasm. I always have. So, sometimes masturbating is hard. Or, I guess it WAS hard for many years. All my friends thought I was weird for not just ‘rubbing one out.’

“I’ve finally got it down and I’m hoping other women will appreciate this info. I use a suction dildo, one of those dildos that can stick to a wall or floor or wherever—but I put it on a chair. That way I can lower myself onto it, cowgirl-style. I then use my hand to get my clitoris in on it, too. It works great for me!” —Michelle, 32


“I like to come down from the top of the clitoris. If I put anything right on it (even during sex), it’s kind of a bit too much, you know? If I approach the clitoris sort of from a downward angle with a vibrator, it gives me all the pressure I need to come, but without making it so over the top that I can’t get there. I also like experimenting with different kinds of vibrators and really take my time with it.” —Angie, 36


“I don’t know if this is cheesy, but I set a whole mood for myself. I light candles, have a special playlist, and take a long hot bath. I guess I’d say it’s seducing myself. If I want to enjoy masturbation, it needs to be a complete experience or I don’t like it as much. It’s especially great when I’m in a bad mood or have had a really stressful day. I remind myself that I’m sexy and it feels really good.” —Julia, 28


“My girlfriend and I usually masturbate together, which is hot. It’s sexy to see her touch herself and it definitely turns her on to watch me. We sometimes watch porn, but mostly it’s just the two of us. I even think about the times we’ve gotten off solo-but-together when we’re having partner sex sometimes. It’s just so hot and weirdly voyeuristic.” —Janis*, 30


“To be honest, my best technique for masturbation is just doing it a lot. The more you masturbate, the better it gets. At least, for me. I try to keep it consistent as much as possible. I’ll be lying in bed and think, ‘Oh, I haven’t masturbated in a few days!’ So, I grab my vibe and go for it. If I go more than a week or so without using my vibrator, I find it harder to get off next time I get around to it.” —Lily*, 29

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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