You Can Now Get The Contraceptive Pill Delivered To Your Door In Australia

This year, it’s more good news. No more waiting at your doctor’s every few months to get a prescription repeat for the contraceptive pill.

Kin Fertility is changing the way we have to do things. Australia’s first contraception subscription service, Kin gets a qualified doctor’s approval to put you on a prescription plan then liaises with a pharmacy to arrange for a new box of contraceptive pills to be shipped to your door before you run out.

The only thing you need to do is set it all up in the beginning. You’ll need to fill out a quick online assessment about your medical history so Kin can determine if you’re suitable for its service. Then, an Australian doctor will assess you (via text – the service is 100% online) and organise your prescriptions through Kin. Kin also allows you to message your GP so you can ask them questions, without making an appointment and wasting time in a waiting room.

The service isn’t free, but its annual price of $55 (plus the cost of your Pill) is comparable to one doctor’s appointment – and you should save yourself at least three yearly visits with each membership. Shipping is included and let’s not forget you’re taking away the risk of ever running out of the Pill because you forgot or were too busy to go back to your doctor to get a repeat prescription.

In case you weren’t won over by the convenience of it all, another reason to love Australian-founded Kin Fertility is it donates a portion of its profits to The Fistula Foundation, which provides life-changing surgery to new mothers with Obstetric Fistula.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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