Yoga Clothes: What To Wear To Yoga

Wondering what to wear to yoga class? When practicing yoga, you’ll need an outfit that will keep you comfortable, covered and cool. We suggest a pair of high-waisted leggings, a crop top and a singlet, made from strong and breathable fabric. This combination will allow you to move freely and feel relaxed.

If you’re stressing about yoga attire for your first stretch session – you’re not alone. It’s not just the thought of impending back-bends that’s daunting, choosing functional (yet fashionable) yoga clothes can also have you breaking out in a sweat before you’ve even started Bikram.

There are many different types of yoga but all of them involve a combination of physical postures, movement, breathing techniques and meditation. It helps to wear clothes that will suit the intensity of each discipline, but in all yoga classes it’s best to bring light layers as you tend to cool down quickly during shavasana. Here are some examples of yoga clothes for women and where to buy them. 

What to wear to hatha, yin, kundalini or restorative yoga

While these practices are quite diverse, one thing they have in common is that they are generally slower and more relaxed. Full-length, high-rise pants minimise distractions and maximise comfort as you flow, while a breathable, long-sleeved top will keep you warm during the lengthier poses. Despite being a low-impact exercise, you’ll still need a crop top or sports bra with some support. 

Lululemon Align Pant Nulu

Onzie Drapey V-Back Top

Talbot Avenue Trelle Crop Top

What to wear to ashtanga or vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga involve a more athletic, intense flow with more movement and demanding sequences of postures. You’ll want an outfit that allows for flexibility and breathability, but won’t fall in your face as you twist and bend. Think three quarter length tights, a fitted singlet and a crop top. 

Tully Lou Namiki Pants

Nimble Activewear Tie-Up Gather Tank

Lululemon Bridge Bra

What to wear to hot yoga or Bikram yoga

While both variations of yoga involve heat, hot yoga and Bikram yoga are still quite different. Hot yoga is usually a vinyasa class done in a heated room (typically 28 to 30 degrees in temperature). Bikram is practiced in a room heated to 35 degrees or more and involves 26 specific postures including two pranayama exercises, each of which is performed twice in a single 90-minute class. But basically, they’re both sweaty and seriously intense. It’s completely acceptable to get the majority of your kit off in these kinds of classes (while still keeping it PG) with many people opting for bike shorts, crop tops and even bikini-style sets. We’d warn off donning a pair of loose shorts (for any yoga practice, in fact) as they tend to bunch up as you move. 

Jasmine Alexa Sabi Bike Shorts

Lululemon Time To Sweat Bra

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