Woman, 30, has lump of fat sliced out of her neck by Dr Pimple Popper

Gruesome moment woman, 30, has humongous lump of fat sliced out of her neck by Dr Pimple Popper after squishy swelling would not stop growing for THREE YEARS

  • Melissa, 30, from South Dakota wore hoodies all the time to cover up the lump
  • Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, pulled out the growth with her hands
  • It was a lipoma, which is a usually harmless collection of fat cells
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Online spot-popping sensation Dr Pimple Popper has taken her stomach-churning videos to a new level in her new TV show. 

Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in California, removed a huge lump of fat from the neck of a woman who had been suffering with the growth for three years.

The squishy swelling on the woman’s right shoulder had to be removed with surgery because it would not stop growing.

Melissa, 30, from Sioux Falls in South Dakota, had been wearing hoodies all the time to cover up the massive lump, but could not cope with it any more. 

The growth turned out to be a lipoma – a non-cancerous fatty lump which grows underneath the skin.

Melissa, 30, from South Dakota, lived with the growth for three years as it got bigger and bigger

The fatty lump had to be removed with surgery under local anaesthetic

Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, said large growths are concerning because it’s not always clear what they are

Melissa, 30, revealed she first noticed the lump in 2015 when it was only about an inch-and-a-half and could be easily hidden. 

But then, three years down the line, it had grown so big it was interfering with her life and was ‘like a pillow’.

The grotesque mass was revealed in the first episode of Dr Lee’s new US TV show Dr Pimple Popper on Wednesday. 

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In a preview for the show Melissa said: ‘My biggest fear is that it will be too big for her and she won’t be able to remove it.’

And she told Dr Lee, who rose to fame by posting YouTube videos of her work popping spots and removing blackheads, how she always wore jumpers to cover up the blob.

‘I wear hoodies all day and all night, warm or cold,’ she said.

When Dr Lee saw the growth she was initially worried about it, but then decided it was something she would be able to remove under local anaesthetic.  

Dr Pimple Popper told Melissa she had a large lipoma on her shoulder

Melissa remained awake for the procedure, in which Dr Lee sliced open her shoulder and pulled out the fat

‘That fact that it grew so quickly in the last three years is a little bit suspicious,’ Dr Lee said in the preview.

Large growths could be an indication of something serious 

‘When something grows really quickly that can be something that we physicians pay attention to. 

‘Does that mean that there’s something bad there that’s growing out of control? 

‘Melissa most likely has a lipoma which is a benign collection of fat cells. It’s as if one fat cell just divided upon itself and created copies.’

Dr Pimple Popper then removed the lipoma by slicing open Melissa’s skin with a scalpel and pulling out the fat with her hands.

Melissa had her shoulder numbed with local anaesthetic but was kept awake and laid still for the procedure.

Lipomas are not cancerous and usually harmless, but can grow to be large if they are not removed.

Dr Lee’s operation was done using local anaesthetic to numb the area

Once the shoulder skin was sliced open the fat could be removed by hand

Dr Lee and her team took out the huge growth in the first episode of her new TV show Dr Pimple Popper

The massive fatty lump had been growing on Melissa’s shoulder for three years, she said

Lipomas are non-cancerous collections of fat cells which are not usually harmful

Once the fat had been removed Melissa’s shoulder was stitched back up

The growths are fairly common and around one in every 100 people develop lipomas, according to Cancer Research UK.

Lipomas are usually harmless and may not need to be removed 

It isn’t known exactly why they develop but they can be caused by genetics. 

Lipomas do not always need to be removed but people who have them should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and check it is not causing any symptoms or pressing on nerves.

Melissa was kept awake throughout the procedure and was shown her lipoma after it had been removed

Dr Pimple Popper airs on US channel TLC. 

The Californian doctor was probably unfazed by Melissa’s growth and has posted numerous videos of herself removing large lipomas in the past. 

Millions watch Dr Pimple Popper’s videos 

More than two million people watched a 33-minute long clip of her cutting out a similar growth from a woman’s shoulder in 2016.  

The unnamed woman said she had the same lump removed four years ago, but it grew back.

At the beginning of the gruesome video, Dr Pimple Popper explained that the area she needs to numb with anaesthetic is so large she has to dilute the drug with saline so it would spread further.   


Lipomas are non-cancerous lumps caused by an overgrowth of fat cells.

They can form anywhere on the body where people have fat cells.

Around one in 100 people in the UK, and two per cent in the US, are affected. 

Lipomas may be caused due to an inherited faulty gene.

They are usually just under the skin, shaped like a dome and soft to touch.

Most do not cause any pain unless they are deep in the body and press on nerves or organs.

If a lipoma affects the bowels, it may cause constipation and nausea.

Most lipomas do not need removing.

Surgery may be necessary if the growth is large, growing, causing symptoms or unsightly.

Source: Cancer Research 

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