Vernal Biosciences Announces Partnership With REPROCELL

Vernal Biosciences, a leader in mRNA and LNP manufacturing, and REPROCELL Inc., Japan’s first induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) company, have partnered to provide mRNA services in Japan at scale for research and clinical applications.

Under the guidance and expertise of Vernal’s Founder and CEO Dr. Christian Cobaugh, and Duncan Liew, Ph.D, SVP, Commercial Operations, training with the REPROCELL team on mRNA capabilities and processes has already begun. Considering REPROCELL is already best in class in the stem cell field, this will align with REPROCELL’s goal to bring leading-edge solutions to market for preclinical and clinical research.

According to Dr. Cobaugh, this new relationship between the two companies is significant for drug development on a global scale, “Japan has a rich history of developing innovative and life saving medicines.  However, the future of that innovation depends on a supply of high purity drug substance and product for advanced therapeutics, particularly in the mRNA medicines field where Vernal is a leader. Through our partnership with REPROCELL, drug developers of mRNA therapeutics now have unlimited access to mRNA manufacturing and LNP formulation services. We’re excited about this partnership because it furthers our mission to democratize access to mRNA, a life-changing technology, around the world.” 

REPROCELL is entering the mRNA and LNP market in response to the growing interest in mRNA drugs in Japan. Through this partnership with Vernal, we are pleased to offer access to our clients in Japan for mRNA therapeutic modality, in addition to our existing offerings for GMP iPSC, MSC and MSC-products including cell-free MSC-derivatives.” said Chikafumi Yokoyama Ph.D., CEO of REPROCELL Inc.

With the launch of this partnership, REPROCELL’s customers now have access to Vernal Biosciences GMP-grade mRNA and LNP manufacturing capabilities, which helps REPROCELL do even more to provide researchers with mRNA services from bench to clinic. mRNA is also a tool in reprogramming stem cells and may be a huge partner asset to those who benefit from REPROCELL’s many offerings.

For more information, contact:
Vernal Biosciences: [email protected]

REPROCELL: [email protected]

About Vernal Biosciences

Vernal Biosciences, founded in 2021 and headquartered just outside of Burlington, Vermont, is a fully integrated CDMO with a singular focus on manufacturing and formulating mRNA and LNP-mRNA. Because science matters more than ever, Vernal is inspired to accelerate the potential of mRNA through democratizing access to our expertise and unparalleled mRNA and LNP-mRNA platform technologies. Combined with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and control and quality systems, Vernal’s technologies are an advanced manufacturing staging ground for research, preclinical and clinical supply needs. Learn more at


REPROCELL (4978: TSE JASDAQ) was established in 2003 with a goal of contributing to people’s health and welfare through the development of stem cell technologies.  REPROCELL successfully went public in 2013 as the first iPS cell company on JASDAQ, the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market, and then started to expand their business both globally and rapidly through several M&As. REPROCELL is pursuing two business areas of Discovery and Medical using proprietary human cell technologies including stem cells, biorepository, bioengineered tissue and drug screening. REPROCELL has developed a proprietary process to manufacture integration-free, virus-free and clinically relevant human iPSC lines using proprietary RNA reprogramming technology. This process is suitable for manufacturing robust, consistent and high quality functional cells at commercial scale for use in both pre-clinical and clinical development activities.  For more information, see

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