The quest to conquer latent HIV and end the AIDS pandemic

Conquering latent HIV to end the AIDS pandemic

HIV latency and the trouble with finding a cure

The São Paulo Patient’s Treatment

  • The control group persisted on their normal ART regimen.
  • Another group received their normal ART regimen with 2 additional drugs, dolutegravir and miravoc, the latter of which has been shown to act as a latency reversal agent (LRA).
  • In the third group, Diaz gave enhanced ART and the HDAC inhibitor nicotinamide (vitamin B3) as an enhanced effort to coax HIV out of latency.
  • Group 4 received enhanced ART with the gold dust auranofin, which has shown promise with its redox properties in the treatment of other diseases.
  • Group 5 received a partially intensified ART (just dolutegravir), followed by a therapeutic dendritic cell vaccine to boost anti-HIV immunity.
  • Finally, Group 6 received the gamut: partially intensified ART, nicotinamide as an HDAC inhibitor, the gold dust auranofin and the therapeutic vaccine.

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