The Most Common Makeup Questions, Answered

How to choose the right shade of foundation, where to conceal and the order of your eye makeup (does mascara or shadow go on first?) are niggling questions that plague a plethora of women. The good news? Beauty expert Adriana Donnola has the answers. Read on for her solutions to the most common beauty queries.

How do I choose the right foundation for my skin?

A trick I use that surprises a lot of people is that I always have two foundations on the go – one for summer and one for winter. Your skin tone will change throughout the year, so no one foundation will work all year round. Then in the in-between seasons I mix them together.

Do I really need to put on blush?

If you wear foundation, then adding blush is the easiest way to look like you’re not. Your foundation evens out skin tone, making it look flat – blush puts the colour back into your cheeks. I use a cream and apply it with my fingers on the apples of my cheeks, but nowhere near the fine lines around my eyes.

I don’t like wearing foundation every day but I don’t want to go bare-faced either…

I hear you – especially on weekends when I can’t be bothered! I tell everyone to try a CC cream – look for one with a decent tint that will still even out your skin tone. Plus, they have added benefits such as sun protection and can even help you with the fight against ageing, as they have ingredients to help skin look plumper.

Are eyelash extensions really worth it?

Yes! But be warned: they are high maintenance. People think they are great just before travelling but inevitably one or two are going to drop out and then how are you going to fix it? They look amazing, but save them for a special occasion. If you really want bigger lashes, go for fakes.

What goes on first? Your liner, mascara or shadow?

Using a brush (or your fingers for a cream shadow), blend eyeshadow over your lid first, then apply your liner. Then I add one more step in to the mix and give my lashes a bit of lift with an eyelash curler. Finally, I apply my mascara.

What can I wear on my lips that gives me colour but is also hydrating?

I find lipstick a bit too much for the morning school run so I skip it and go for a tinted balm instead – you’ll find they can give quite a bit of colour. Check the ingredients though – you want one that has a really hydrating ingredient such as lanolin or shea butter to soften your lips.

Do I apply my concealer or foundation first?

Makeup artists differ on this one but I believe you should always apply your concealer first. That way, you’ve already disguised the bits you want to hide and you won’t need to use as much foundation. Makes sense! I find the biggest issue most women have first thing in the morning is dark circles from a lack of sleep. For that, I recommend an illuminating concealing pen. 

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