Popeyes Customer In Soda Squabble Allegedly Smashes Store Window With Chair [Video]

The patron reportedly may have confused the chicken chain with Wendy’s.

Some wicked behavior allegedly occurred at a Popeyes Chicken fast-food restaurant in the New York City borough of Staten Island, and the encounter may have been the result of a misunderstanding about the availability of a soft drink.

As caught on a security camera, a dissatisfied customer allegedly broke a plate glass window as she exited the eatery last Sunday evening. According to NBC affiliate News4 New York, she may possibly have been under the impression that she was ordering a Wendy’s “4 for $4” value menu rather than Popeyes’ $4 “Wicked Good Deal.”

“An employee who didn’t want to be identified told News 4 the customer was drunk, and angry because the $4 Wicked Good Deal didn’t come with a soda…They told her she was confused and may have been thinking of Wendy’s $4 meal deal, but she was so irate she couldn’t be reasoned with, the employee said.”

The Popeyes customer nonetheless placed the soda-not-included order, the New York Daily News claimed, but argued with workers on the way out, flipped the bird (which may or may not be appropriate for a meal consisting of chicken strips), and then allegedly bashed in the window. See video embedded below. She then drove off in a sedan.

The NYPD is on the lookout for the suspect who is described as being in the 18-25 age range. Cops have asked the public for assistance in locating her.

There are about 2,600 Popeyes franchise restaurants operating in 40 states and about 30 countries, so the company’s cuisine has many fans.

Incidents at other fast-food chain restaurants across the country of various kinds continue to raise the fundamental question as to whether misbehavior is occurring with more frequency and intensity across America. In the alternative, perhaps we just find out about it more often by way of the pervasiveness of security cameras, smart phones, and the immediacy of social media access and distribution.

Generally, in escalating fast-food confrontations, an argument can start over the accuracy of a food order or how long it takes to be completed, or even both. A desire for sold-out or unavailable items can sometimes also create heartburn, as it were.

According to Complex in reporting on the Popeyes window-smashing incident, frustrations can mount if or when “your dollar doesn’t take you as far as you think it should” in a fast-food restaurant.

This story will be updated if or when the police detain the suspect.

Watch the Popeyes security footage below.


In an entirely separate matter in January, sheriff’s deputies charged a motorist with DUI after he allegedly fell asleep in a bank drive-thru lane in the Tampa, Florida, area. The individual allegedly thought he was at Taco Bell and tried to order a burrito when he awoke.

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