Miranda Kerr Uses Leech Facials To Get Her Glowing Skin

At the recent “In Goop Health” summit you’d naturally assume Gwyneth Paltrow would be the one suggesting an intriguing new health trend, but our cover star was trumped model mum Miranda Kerr.

The 34-year-old discussed her use of leech therapy – which involves leeches sucking blood from your face that is then smeared across the skin for brighter and tighter appearance.

“It’s adventurous,” she reportedly said. “Health is wealth. They’ve been doing leech therapy for thousands of years.”

Kerr even took the little creatures home with her.

“They’re in my koi pond,” she said. “You’re not allowed to reuse them and if you don’t take them home then she kills them and I didn’t like that idea.”

“Wow!” Gwyneth Paltrow said, “I thought I was batsh*t crazy!”

According to LA Leeches, the three-hour treatment isn’t painful, but you might feel a tingling sensation at first that will subside quickly. The procedure is said to help treat a range afflictions as well as promoting a youthful glow.

But we might just stick to a regular ol’ face mask… 

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