Kate Walsh Relaunches Boyfriend Fragrance

Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend is back.The actress, best known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” is relaunching her first fragrance, Boyfriend, after taking the brand on a three-year hiatus.“One of the biggest lessons I learned was to listen to your customers,” Walsh said. “Our plan is to bring back and continue to test and develop more products with the winning scent.” Boyfriend Fragrance.Boyfriend, which was created by Walsh without a licensing deal, launched in 2010 on HSN and sold out within minutes and went into Sephora in an exclusive deal. The demands of maintaining an online and brick-and-mortar presence plus the quick launch of a second fragrance, Billionaire Boyfriend, which didn’t have the same success as the original fragrance, made it difficult to maintain the brand, resulting in Walsh taking it on hiatus.Seeing that there was still a passionate fan base around the fragrance, Digital Media Management reached out to Walsh about relaunching the brand last year with a direct-to-consumer model. The brand tested consumer responses with the launch of the original scent in a candle, which sold out within three weeks and encouraged Walsh to relaunch Boyfriend.“We see the original Boyfriend as the anchor to a whole new world of product categories for the overall brand,” said Shawn Chavez, director of product branding and development, at Digital Media Management. “Our long-term plans include introducing new fragrance profiles and brand collaborations in lifestyle categories. With our direct-to-consumer model, we really can expand the line because we have absolute control.”Walsh has plans to expand the scent into the body-care category with products like body cream, shampoo, conditioner and room spray. Other scents are also in the works.“Boyfriend has always been about independence and empowerment,” Walsh said. “I created it because I didn’t want to feel like I had to have a man to feel cozy or sexy. We really want to reach anyone who is looking for a brand that makes them feel like they should be their own first priority.”Boyfriend is available for presale tomorrow and launches in May. The fragrance is available in a 9-ml. bottle for $22 and a 50-ml. bottle for $65.

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