Imprivata launches new mobile device authentication with eye toward hospital workflows

Imprivata's new Mobile Device Access is touted by the company as an authentication tool that can help hospitals offer secure access to clinical mobile devices and applications while letting clinicians maintain their fast-paced workflow.

As was made clear in the most recent HIMSS cybersecurity report, vulnerable and unsecured devices continue to pose big risks to hospitals' data integrity. And as doctors and nurses move about the hospital, many IT and security pros are challenged to find ways to roll out security measures that safeguard the protected health information on those devices while maintaining clinical workflow.

Imprivata officials said the new MDA technology delivers the same authentication to mobile devices that those care providers are used to from traditional workstations, allowing health systems to enable secure mobility to their clinical staff.

"The goal is to help healthcare organizations reap the benefits of their investments in mobile hardware without compromising usability and accessibility for clinicians," Imprivata CTO Wes Wright said in a statement. 

Claire Reilly, RN, Imprivata's clinical workflow specialist, said nurses especially, could benefit from easier authentication that doesn't impede their care processes.

"What we see very commonly, as for example with the Rover, which is an Epic mobile device, is the fat-finger typing," Reilly said in an Imprivata Q&A. "That’s why we see them docked at stations. If we can access them more efficiently, a badge tap in and out, it then increases our ability to be mobile and efficient."

To that end, Imprivata MDA doesn't require staff to manually enter usernames and passwords – instead, clinicians can just tap their proximity badge to unlock a mobile device, and then single sign-on into the apps. The tool integrates with Imprivata OneSign SSO and virtual desktop access platform, allowing hospitals to set authentication policies for all workflows from a single platform.

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