How to apply for Octopus Energy's free electric blanket

As energy prices soar and the weather continues to drop, we are all looking at alternative ways to keep warm – rather than turning the heating on.

Following the October 1 price-cap rise, the average household is expected to have to pay up to £2,500 a year for their energy. 

So in order to help people save money over the coming months, Octopus Energy has launched a new scheme that will see them hand out 10,000 free electric blankets.

We have all you need to know about how you can get a free blanket, as well as details about how much money it should save you, below.

How to apply?

Last winter Octopus Energy handed out 8,000 electric blankets to their customers, and this year they are upping the giveaway by 20%.

To receive one of the 10,000 electric blankets up for grabs, you have to be an Octopus Energy customer, and this year the company is looking to prioritise the blankets for people who will need them most.

According to the company, this includes ‘older people who are struggling with mobility, and those with serious illnesses which can also affect mobility, or mean they are particularly susceptible to the cold.’

To apply, customers are asked to send across their name and email address to receive an application form.

They will then be asked to fill out a Financial Assistance Form and provide information about how much they earn and spend in order for the company to assess their financial situation.

If you are unable to receive a free blanket, the company recommends that people buy their own.

‘These blankets start at around £40 and can save you £300 or more, so they’re really worth the investment. If you can consider buying one yourself, please do – there might be someone else out there who truly can’t afford to buy one,’ the company says online.

The cost of running electric blankets

Running an energy-efficient electric blanket costs 2-4p an hour, while in comparison, it costs £4 per day to heat an entire home, according to Octopus Energy. 

Rather than heating up your entire house, especially if you live alone, using an electric blanket is a much more cost-effective way for people to keep warm.

‘Especially for people with mobility issues and those who spend a lot of time in one spot. Or those with medical issues that mean they feel the cold more,’ they said in a statement.

After looking at 4,190 customers’ energy data, the company’s analysis also found that customers who got an electric blanket saved up to 10-20% on their energy bills, equating to a saving of up to £300.

They add: ‘Please be aware of Fire Brigade guidance around the safe use of blankets, and that to prevent mould, it’s recommended to keep homes above 15 degrees celsius.’

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