7 Women Open Up About Their Most Annoying Vagina Pet Peeves

There’s a lot to love about vaginas—they deliver babies! they give you pleasure!—but they definitely come with their fair share of annoying quirks, too. Such as…

1. Down-there sweat

“I’m constantly sweating—everywhere, all the time it seems, and probably worse thanks to antidepressants—but it’s a particularly bad underwear situation, especially in the summertime. Baby powder only keeps me dry for an hour or two, if even. I frequently leave sweat marks on chairs, and when it happens on the subway, it feels most cringeworthy. Wearing bike shorts helps absorb a bit but doesn’t fix everything.” —Lexi T.

2. …And odors

“I’ve talked to other women about ‘sweaty vagina syndrome,’ but none of my friends will ever admit to having any kind of funky odor down below. Well, during summer, I definitely smell a bit. (TMI, I know!) After a friend introduced me to RepHresh Vaginal Gel, I’m a convert. Instead of covering up vaginal odor, it’s said to eliminate it and maintain healthy vaginal pH, making everything downstairs cooler, fresher, and smell-free—just how it should be.” —Sarah R.

3. The oh-so-charming phenomenon known as queefing

“Queefing is the most bizarre and frustrating thing to me. Why is my vagina farting, and why do I have zero control over it? It’s not that I’m fart-phobic, but honestly, it’d be nice to know when they were coming so I can at least try to temper the situation, you know?” —Kimberly N.

4. Random dryness

“I feel really old thinking about it, but even though I’m in my early twenties, I have a hard time getting wet. Vaginal dryness is way more uncomfortable than you’d think.” Lauren T.

5. Or always being *too* wet

“Now that I’m in my thirties, I get wet so easily. Sometimes I think my vagina knows I’m turned on before my brain does. There have been a few times I needed to change my underwear before even leaving the house for work.” —Carolyn N.

6. Heavy flows

“Not to get all Mean Girls, but I have to use extra-large tampons because I have a wide-set vagina and a heavier flow. Neither of those things bother me, rather, it bothers me that when I have sex with men, they think I’m ‘loose’ or ‘easy,’ neither of which happen to be true.” —Jennifer I.

7. And those darned UTIs

“UTIs. I get them Every. Single. Time. if I have sex and don’t immediately pee thereafter. My fridge is literally stocked with cranberry juice at all times.” —Samantha T.

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