5 Of The Strangest Places You Can Pick Up An STI

We’ve all learnt the ins and outs of safe sex, but bumping uglies isn’t the only way to pick up an STI.

Keep in mind, the chance of picking up an STI from the following places is incredibly rare but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Lipstick

No matter how much you love your mate’s shade you should avoid sharing lipsticks, lip balms or anything that gets up in their grill on a regular basis. Both kinds of herpes – simplex type 1 (oral) and simplex type 2 (genital) – can be spread through direct contact. So someone could transmit it by using lipstick near an infected area (like a cold sore) or if they apply it shortly after oral sex.

2. Razors

Put down your roomie’s razor. Shaving breaks open your skin with little nicks that can leave you vulnerable to infections entering the body. If they have an STI like herpes or HPV it could be transmitted by through these devices.

3. Wet towels

Trichomoniasis – a little known STD that results in smelly discharge, itching and irritation – can live on inanimate objects for a period of time after someone infected touches it. And it especially likes warm, wet towels.

4. Beards

If you’re getting up close and personal with someone’s facial fuzz, keep in mind that they can be breeding grounds for public lice, fungal infections and herpes.

5. Waxing

If your waxer is a dodgy double dipper (putting the same stick back into the pot of wax) then you could be at risk of picking up an STI. The action of ripping out pubic hair can create small tears in the skin, making it easier to pick up an infection passed on from a previous client.

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