3 Reasons You're Uncomfy Down There

It happens to most women from time to time, and can often be explained by a number of lifestyle factors.

So if you’ve ruled out a serious infection or skin condition (and spoken to a medical professional) you might want to consider one of these causes.

Tight clothing

While functional and fashionable, tight leggings rub against the skin, restrict natural airflow and put pressure on your downstairs region – a combo that can lead to discomfort and itchiness. Plus our undeniable love of activewear has lead to many women wearing them on the daily, so our bodies aren’t really getting a break (or a breeze).  

Grooming techniques

When waxing or shaving your intimate areas, irritation can occur anywhere from immediately after, to three weeks down the track. 

Exercise options

Hitting the spin bike hard isn’t only affecting your muscle tone, it is also particularly uncomfortable on your lady bits. The friction and extra sweat involved in these kinds of exercise classes can result in soreness and discomfort. Couple that with the aforementioned skin-tight leggings and you’re trapping in moisture and worsening the irritation.

What you can do to help

First up, relieve discomfort with Canesten Cool Cream Gel. It helps soothe and moisturise the area thanks to its hypoallergenic, gynaecologically tested and fragrance and preservative free formula. 

In future: 

  • Try to stick with cotton underwear (a naturally hypoallergenic material)
  • Switch up your style with some looser fitting workout gear
  • Choose garments that say they wick away excess sweat
  • Change out of damp exercise clothes ASAP
  • Avoid perfumed soaps and bath products 


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