We Just Got the First Look Inside a Too Faced Palette Launching Next Month

Since early June, Too Faced cofounder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino has been dropping hints about the upcoming Tutti Frutti collection through Instagram photos and videos, none of which have revealed all that many details. At first, he shared a Boomerang of a scarf, along with hashtags implying that the as-yet-undefined Tutti Frutti would be launching exclusively at Ulta this fall. A few weeks later came a colorful photo of fruits with the caption, "I’m feelin a new palette comin’ on," implying that Tutti Frutti would be an eye shadow palette. But wait! Turns out it's actually much more than a palette, according to an early-July post showing an entire faux fruit stand of products and a hashtag noting an August launch.

Needless to say, Blandino is a master at creating eager anticipation among Too Faced enthusiasts, and a new photo posted Monday has only further flamed the fans, so to speak. In it, we finally see the inside of a Tutti Frutti eye shadow palette containing several shades with finishes ranging from subtle shimmer to damn, that's sparkly. The colors appear to be a neutral beige, a soft copper, a shimmery rose, a shimmery magenta, a bold fuchsia, a sparkly dark purple, and a shimmering lavender. The case's cute graphics hint that this particular palette's shadows will be raspberry-scented, but Blandino's caption left a lot to the imagination.

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Within moments, Instagram's preeminent beauty town crier, @trendmood1, had reposted the image with a full analysis of the entire Tutti Frutti collection. "#YUMMY !!!! ??????," the caption reads, followed by, "looks like it includes: eyeshadow Palette, Blushes, a Strobing Bronzer & Highlighting Duo, Banana powder, Glosses, sparkly Glosses, #DewYou spray and cream, highlighter drops?! And more… ????. This screams Yumminess ? The colors!!!"

So how did @trendmood1 come to this conclusion? It's entirely possible that they zoomed in on the aforementioned fruit stand photo, in which some of the products are more easily discerned than others.

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There's also Blandino's June 26 Instagram post that shows the boxes for a few of the products. In it, you see four blurry packages with the names Pineapple Paradise, Fruit Cocktail, Sparkling Pineapple, and what we're guessing is Razzle Dazzle Raspberry. The types of products they are have been crossed out with black marker, Pineapple Paradise seems to say something about strobing under the blacked-out area, and it seems safe to assume Razzle Dazzle Raspberry is the palette Blandino revealed yesterday.

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We've reached out to Too Faced for more info about the Tutti Frutti collection but have yet to hear back. When we do, we'll share all the details we can.

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