This Is Beauty Guru Zoe Foster Blake's Favourite Mascara

There’s nothing we love more than scoring some clever beauty advice from Zoe Foster Blake. Especially when it comes to anything mascara related. With so many options out there, it can be damn confusing knowing which mascaras won’t smudge/flake/give you scarily un-wipe-able panda eyes. It’s a TASK.

So we were pretty stoked when the beauty guru recently took to her Instagram stories to reveal her favourite picks, and give us a heads up on why tubular mascara should be your new go-to. She wrote, “Whenever I try any mascara that isn’t tubular, I get smudging. Every. Single. Friggen. Time.”

If you need to brush up on your mascara lingo, tubular mascaras (also known as tubing mascara) contain a polymer formula designed to wrap around each lash and create a ‘tube’. The volume can then be built up by adding additional layers.

So, why does Zoe love these said mascaras so much? Well, not only do these types of mascaras have crazy lengthening power, but they also have great staying power, meaning no smudging or flaking. 

Posting a snap of her mascara-smudged under-eyes, Zoe wrote “No more. No more! I shall never stray form my non-smudgey, heat/sweat/tear resistant tubulars again!”

Her picks? “Specifically: White Knight by @PONi Cosmetics [and] Volume Mascara by @Kavynaucoin”.

Turns out with tubular mascaras, you don’t need to spend ages vigorously rubbing mascara from your delicate under-eyes after you cleanse. Hurrah! Just warm water and some gently wiping is all you need

She wrote, “Truz me on this. If your mascara always smudges and your eyes are a dang mess after you cleanse at night and you hate waterproof formulas, but you want some staying power: you will love a tubular.”

We’re sold!

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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