These Are The Biggest Hair Trends For 2018

Celebrity stars regularly flock into Blow Bar Co as they’re in tune with the latest hair and makeup trends. Think Sally Obermeder, Amy Pejkovic, Katie Williams, Miranda Tapsell, Lola Berry and Kate Kendall to name a few.

Blow Bar Co Director, Leigh Dole, has been involved in the beauty and hair industry for decades and following the launch of her second Sydney venue in Balmain just this week (also located in Bronte), Leigh weighs in on the dos and don’ts of the hair world, and what to expect in 2018...

How should we prepare our hair before a professional blow dry?

The number one pre-blow dry prep tip is heat protector. label.m heat protect with Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Wheat and Soy is a must for all beauty cabinets around the country! The ingredients are proven to nourish, strengthen and protect the hair.

For an added glow post-blow, I always finish with a serum (i.e. label.m rejuvenating radiance oil). The serum is quickly absorbed for a silky, natural feel, leaving hair instantly soft and shiny.

Shine spray is another common favourite – if you’re trying to keep any unwanted fly-away strands tame, this is your go-to!

At Blow Bar Co we can’t get enough of tangle teaser, allowing hair to be combed without damaging the hair and it also makes prep and styling that much easier!

What’s the biggest mistake women make when blow drying their hair?

Hands down the biggest mistake when blow drying at home, is moving the hair dryer around too much, causing unnecessary frizz. Women take note here – please always make sure you point the nose of the hair dryer in the direction you want to dry the hair. This will maintain frizz whilst also smoothing the cuticle as you dry.

What hair trends do you see coming up in 2018?

2018 is set to heat up in the hair stakes. If I had to cast a vote, I’d say we’ll be crushing over two key looks.

Firstly the effortless yet sophisticated wet-hair look – we’re girl crushing on Kendall Jenner who rocks this look.

Another look to rock the red carpet in 2018? Long hair won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon! After years of the lob being the preferred cut among A-listers, we’ve seen many celebs start to grow out their shoulder-grazing styles… and in some cases, they’re even adding extra-long extensions for the extreme length factor (hello Kimmy K!)

What hair care tools should all women own?

The PARLUX 3800 would have to be the best hair dryer for both personal and commercial use. Durable, long lasting and powerful, you’ll have your hair de frizzed, smooth and with enviable shine in a matter of minutes.

What are your tips for caring for hair undergoing constant heat styling?

Heat protector would have to be my go-to hair product! Please ladies (and gents) get in the habit of applying a heat protector straight after you wash your hair. This will activate when heat touches your hair and will protect until the next wash!

How can you help your blow dry last longer?

Wanting to get a few days out of your blow dry? At Blow Bar Co we believe the secret lies in the product… Less is definitely more! Start off with minimal product even just heat protector. We recommend adding product as the days go on … And be careful – use it to revive your look rather than finishing your look!

What’s your go-to hair care product?

Products are tailored to individual hair needs however my personal must-have go-to products are:

– A light shampoo like label.m deep cleansing shampoo. This will ensure you do not weigh down the hair unnecessarily and keep the scalp nice and cleansed helping to prolong your blow dry.

– A conditioner is important. The Une Olive en Provence conditioner is my personal favourite. It contains natural olive oil products which are great at keeping the hair healthy, hydrated, shinny – enough to make your friends envious!

Treatments are vital. At Blow Bar Co. we encourage our clients to use a treatment every 4-6 weeks. It also doesn’t hurt to use a mask instead of a conditioner giving your hair that extra nourishment… but be sure you’re only using from mid lengths to ends unless instructed otherwise by your stylist. There are different treatments for different needs i.e. protein based for hair repair and moisture based for nourishment and shine. Be sure to ask your stylist which is most suitable for your hair type.

– When the hair is wet, the go-to brush is a tangle teaser which allows you to comb through the hair with ease, detangling without damaging or causing discomfort.

Dry shampoo is a miracle product – not only does it help keep your blow dry for days, but it also aids as a styling product! This baby is often missed when it comes to styling, it’s a great way to add volume to the roots without adding any unwanted stickiness to the hair. Simply tip your head upside down and spray through roots and shake out adding texture and volume in an instant. Dry shampoo is also great as it now comes in different colours, helping you cover those sneaky roots! We’re loving the label.m dry shampoo.

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