Snif Launches Limited-Edition Fragrance Collection

Snif, the direct-to-consumer fragrance brand with a drop-style approach to product launches, is gearing up for a new collection of scents.

Dubbed Collection 2, each of the three genderless scents will be available this week for $65, or as a set of three for $150, on the brand’s website. Snif, which launched in October, is anticipated to hit $3 million in sales for its first 12 months on the market, industry sources said. Sources also expect Collection 2 to bring in $1 million.

Collection 2 consists of Honorable Mention, which has floral and woody notes; Poppy Issues, which has floral and fruity notes, and Sweet Ash, which has woody notes. The fragrances are all devoid of parabens, synthetic dyes, preservatives and phthalates. They are also vegan and cruelty free.

The trifecta of scents comes after a successful first launch in fall 2020, followed shortly by a collaboration with artist Harry Hudson. Although Snif is planning to build out a permanent collection of bestsellers, the drop model has proven successful at nabbing Generation Z consumers.

“The one goal was removing all the pain points out of shopping for fragrance and buying various ones online,” said Phil Riportella, cofounder of Snif. “We eliminate all the risks to our consumer by offering free shipping and free returns, and our bundle kits have all three of our offerings. It’s like bringing the fragrance counter home.”

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The idea for Snif came to Riportella, and cofounder Bryan Edwards, based on their own experiences shopping for fragrances. “Your typical department store experience would be walking into a department store, finding a fragrance, but you don’t have the ability to truly try before you buy,” Edwards said.

Snif also samples heavily, Edwards added, mentioning that almost 80 percent of its orders come from trial purchases. Giving consumers flexibility allowed the new business to fare well during the pandemic. “We launched during a time when people couldn’t experience fragrance the same way that they had always done so,” Edwards said. “We were one of the only direct-to-consumer brands that could enable this buying process and allow you to do it from the comfort of your own home.”

The brand’s ethos is rooted in what they’ve dubbed “situational fragrance,” seeing the idea of finding a signature scent as a thing of the past. “Why does this notion of a signature scent even exist? Is it because it was a pain to actually find that scent to begin with, and you don’t want to have to go back to that department store?” Riportella mused.

Price points for luxury fragrance, the founders said, can also prohibit younger consumers from buying in. “It prohibits consumers from trying different fragrances,” Riportella said.

The remainder of Snif’s first year is packed with another collection launch, a new collaboration, and a category expansion in time for the fall, the founders said.

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